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10 Things Arts Degrees Were Made To Eliminate

1. Marxism 2. Charitable donations 3. Burgundy pants 4. The tolerance of non-university friends 5. Respect for your elders 6. Faith in student government 7. ‘Unfuck the world’ badges 8. People who believe in anything other than neoliberal government, free … Continue reading

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7 Quotes Which Tell You Your Friend Is Falling In Love But Make You Want To Vomit

1. Friend, text – ‘We never see each other anymore! Can we get coffee/brunch/dinner sometime? x’ 2. 10pm, at a bar/club/party: You – ‘I’m totally wasted and having the time of my life! How amazing is this place?’ Friend, sober – ‘Um … Continue reading

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4 Things That Only Happen When I’m Hungover

1. Drinking water This is terrible secret to reveal but I just don’t normally drink water. Between my various addictions to double-shot lattes, Coca Cola, Charlie’s Honest Juice (DON’T WANNA DRINK THAT DISHONEST JUICE) and green tea I usually don’t … Continue reading

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10 Potential Ryan Gosling Films Found In My Facebook News Feed

1. Mass Effect 2. Court of Equity 3. Honours in 2013 4. Despite My Poorness 5. Like For A Rate 6. Delete Me At Will 7. Death 8. Hello Sober Day 9. Gorgeous Geisha 10. Covered in Pins Liam.

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4 Reasons Why I Haven’t Written This Essay

1. There are no limits to the amount of stalking I can do on the Internet If you have a Facebook, a Twitter or a Tumblr, I will find you. This can be both a blessing and a curse (and … Continue reading

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Better than making a Eurovision song about Facebook.

I don’t know if this applies to boys as well as it does to girls but do you know that stage you go through when you start ‘blossoming’, when you’ve had sex for the first time or been asked out … Continue reading

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Three wise men and two lonely bloggers.

A new blog, a new day. A new pressure to be witty and try and convince all your readers that you are actually funnier and more interesting than them when the truth is that you just spend more time with … Continue reading

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