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3 Reasons Why There Is No Point Being Jealous Of People Your Partner Slept With Before You

or Avoiding Things By Posting Like Thought Catalog We all have that incestuous friendship group where everyone has slept with basically everyone else, so it happens that most people get to the point where we start to think about who … Continue reading

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Enjoy This Weekend

It should start with a realisation: in all likelihood, your life is not nearly as bad as you think it is. Forget the 3000-word assignment that is due in 72 hours. Forget the number of years you’ve already wasted on a … Continue reading

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8 Situations When It’s Okay To Not Be Polite

1. Crossing the road. Or: HEY CRAZY CAR DRIVER I’M NOT FLUENT IN CAR-TO-PEDESTRIAN SIGN LANGUAGE AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR WILD GESTICULATIONS MEAN. 2. When someone tries to make conversation in a public toilet. If urinating less than … Continue reading

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On joining political parties.

Contemporary Australian politics is stuck in a difficult place, there’s no denying. In our life as a Western, democratic and modern state we are relatively young and once were (may still be) considered one of the more socially progressive nations … Continue reading

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