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5 Reasons Why I Do Not Want To Move To Melbourne

This title is self-explanatory for people who live in Tasmania but our stats suggest that we also have readers in Canada, the US, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, the UK, Sweden, ROK, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Cambodia, France and Ireland – so … Continue reading

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A Short Love Letter to Lady Gaga, Born This Way and Popular Music

Dear Lady Gaga It’s been more than a year since you released ‘Born This Way’ and I’m still listening to your album. Since my first excited listen I haven’t shaken the belief that this album is representative of almost everything … Continue reading

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How to manage a seed of doubt: a pretentious guide by a know-it-all DIY gardener.

So, you’ve found someone to rock your socks off. Your days are filled with whimsically skipping through meadows of daisies and staring dreamily into each other’s eyes. When these glorious years of 20-something ends, this is the person you want … Continue reading

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How To Be A Better Undergraduate

Finish that assignment you’ve been meaning to do for days and start studying for that exam now. Stop putting off readings and essays and finish them. Nothing will make you more satisfied or happy as an undergraduate than finishing everything … Continue reading

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