A beginners guide to the Beatles.

We all know that moment, that essential part of puberty, when someone starts talking to us about the Beatles and assumes we know exactly what they’re talking about. It’s like blue cheese, you know it smells weird long before you ever encounter it. We learn the Beatles before we’re old enough to conceptualise culture or how references to it might serve useful in love, life and conversation.

I have a few recommendations for how to best love the Beatles, the strongest of which is that you should love them. Don’t underestimate the hype. I’ve got a track list that secured my love and with any luck it will do the same for you, just don’t hate me or feel encouraged not to read it because of how long it looks on this page.

I think falling in love is the perfect condition for finding the Beatles, but so is being in a good mood on your own and not quite knowing what to do with it.

Get Back – this is a really exciting song, recommended for gaining perspective and/or motivation.

Honey Don’t – this one is a close contender for my favourite Beatles song, it’s off my favourite album, ‘Beatles for Sale’.

She’s A Woman – I think this song is sexy, it’s a good song to be sexy to.

No Reply – No Reply is a beautiful song and I think it’s the best way to introduce yourself to The Beatles as a band you can get emotional to.

I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party – this is the other contender for my favourite Beatles song. I can’t think of a more perfect description, we can all relate to this one.

I’ll Follow the Sun -just really gorgeous.

What You’re Doing – this one goes on a playlist with No Reply. ‘Why should it be so much to ask of you, what you’re doing to me?

Eight Days a Week – I hope you’ve heard this one. If you haven’t, take the time to listen to it on repeat until you love it. It’s everything beautiful about this era of music.

Thank You Girl – if you have a good summer, it’s songs like this that will help you remember it.

I am the Walrus – the opening line says enough.

Rock & Roll Music – I have nothing, it’s just good.

Back in the USSR – this could have been at the start or the end, just fun and clever. Come and keep your comrade warm…

I can’t make you love them but what I can say is that they happen when you least expect. There are so many good songs that you can’t fit them in a whole post, I’ve just tried to offer something a little different.


About Liam Carswell & Jamila Fontana

We are two twenty something, pop culture loving, politics loving, left leaning, female rap adoring, fashion obsessive friends from Hobart, Tasmania, Almost Melbourne. On politics, world affairs, relationships, society and all things unspoken and awkward. Liam likes vinyl, Topman and coke. Jamila likes Eve, middle aged folk singers and Che Guevara (still!).
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