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20 Quotes From Tony Abbott to Remind You Why He Shouldn’t Be Prime Minister

On immigration: 1. ‘Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.’ 2. ‘These people aren’t so much seeking asylum, they’re seeking permanent residency. If they were happy with temporary protection visas, … Continue reading

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How Your Best Friend Will Fall In Love

Everyone has a best friend right? You know that person you can hang out with for hours and have conversations like you’re characters in the Gilmore Girls? You go to galleries and make fun of artists for trying to be … Continue reading

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A quick revisit to the twenty-something realm.

After being on a political roll here on What Is The Run Dude?, I’m going to swim against the tide and return back to our twenty-something roots (heh, roots). If you haven’t been here before you should take a look … Continue reading

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Debunking Senator Eric Abetz and Those Who Oppose Marriage Equality

Senator Eric Abetz recently spoke at a national marriage day rally against marriage equality. Yes, this was the same rally where they sang a song called ‘stand up for marriage’ set to the tune of Waltzing Matilda. No, I’m not … Continue reading

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7 Observations I Made Whilst Looking At Photos From A Young Liberals Function

1. Everyone appears to be slightly dazed Dazed in that ‘I’ve just had four shots of tequila so I can stomach having to have a conversation with that one person who doesn’t have a trust fund to inherit’ kind of … Continue reading

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A response to homophobic discourse in the Tasmanian gay marriage debate.

I’ll preface this with two things… Firstly, I’m not trying to engage with whether or not legalising gay marriage in Tasmania is legally possible or sensible and secondly, this post focuses on to an extent discussions of homosexual males (see … Continue reading

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A Drinking Game for Channel 9’s Coverage of the London Olympics

Sip for: A swimming commentator saying a result was disappointing and surprising A swimming commentator saying an athlete shouldn’t be disappointed or surprised with their result in a race where the commentator had said their result was disappointing and surprising … Continue reading

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