7 Observations I Made Whilst Looking At Photos From A Young Liberals Function

1. Everyone appears to be slightly dazed

Dazed in that ‘I’ve just had four shots of tequila so I can stomach having to have a conversation with that one person who doesn’t have a trust fund to inherit’ kind of way.

2. Everyone is white

Seriously though, everyone is white.

3. So much gingham

I’ll give you my Ralph Lauren open-collared gingham shirt when you pry it FROM MY COLD DEAD CONSERVATIVE HANDS.

4. Bronwyn Bishop

Nothing says, ‘we’re out of touch, boring and irrelevant‘ quite like having Bronwyn Bishop as your guest speaker.

5. Pearls

I guess it’s not really a surprise that young Liberals should have such affinity for a white, lifeless, inanimate and incredibly rare mineral.

6. Anything actually political looks slightly awkward

“So like, I don’t like boat people and freedom rocks or w/e, but are you saying I actually have to stand next to this picture of Christopher Pyne and tell these smelly hobos that they should vote for him? Wait, do poor people actually get a vote?”

7. So many scarves

This does make practical sense. It takes a lot to warm the cold, unfeeling hearts of conservatives.



About Liam Carswell & Jamila Fontana

We are two twenty something, pop culture loving, politics loving, left leaning, female rap adoring, fashion obsessive friends from Hobart, Tasmania, Almost Melbourne. On politics, world affairs, relationships, society and all things unspoken and awkward. Liam likes vinyl, Topman and coke. Jamila likes Eve, middle aged folk singers and Che Guevara (still!).
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3 Responses to 7 Observations I Made Whilst Looking At Photos From A Young Liberals Function

  1. Colin Petersen says:

    Stuff like this just cements an us vs them mentality in politics. Sure it’s just meant to be a laugh, but it’s basically a left-wing version of an Aborigine/blonde/ joke. I’ll grant you that the vocabulary is better but the superficial dig at something you don’t happen to like is the same.

  2. John says:

    I will be voting Liberal, I don’t think Gillard is up to be prime minister. But I note. I am fifth generation Australian, I have a gay brother, I am married to an Asian woman and we have one child, my niece is married to an Aboriginal man, my wife has a genius IQ she was in the top three when she did mathematics at Beijing University, my mother had a genius IQ, the headmaster from my son’s school who has just retired was openly gay, there is gay couple in my son’s soccer team, there are people from non Anglo Saxon backgrounds living in my near me.

    I live in Tony Abbott’s electorate, maybe you need to come out to the Northern Beaches and see an eclectic society working instead of making stupid leftist elitist observations. I don’t agree with everything Abbott says or the Liberal party stands for but Gillard is not up to be Prime minister in these difficult times, and the both of you need to get out of your little bubble and out into the real world.

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