20 Quotes From Tony Abbott to Remind You Why He Shouldn’t Be Prime Minister

On immigration:

1. ‘Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.’

2. ‘These people aren’t so much seeking asylum, they’re seeking permanent residency. If they were happy with temporary protection visas, then they might be able to argue better that they were asylum seekers’

On rights at work:

3. ‘If we’re honest, most of us would accept that a bad boss is a little bit like a bad father or a bad husband … you find that he tends to do more good than harm. He might be a bad boss but at least he’s employing someone while he is in fact a boss.’

On women:

4. ‘The problem with the Australian practice of abortion is that an objectively grave matter has been reduced to a question of the mother’s convenience.’

5. ‘I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons’

6. ‘I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak’

7. ‘What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing is that if they get it done commercially it’s going to go up in price and their own power bills when they switch the iron on are going to go up, every year…’

On Julia Gillard:

8. ‘Gillard won’t lie down and die’

On climate change:

9. ‘Climate change is absolute crap’

10. ‘If you want to put a price on carbon why not just do it with a simple tax.’

On homosexuality:

11. ‘I’d probably … I feel a bit threatened’

12. ‘If you’d asked me for advice I would have said to have – adopt a sort of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about all of these things…’

On Indigenous Australia:

13. ‘Now, I know that there are some Aboriginal people who aren’t happy with Australia Day. For them it remains Invasion Day. I think a better view is the view of Noel Pearson, who has said that Aboriginal people have much to celebrate in this country’s British Heritage’

14. ‘Western civilisation came to this country in 1788 and I’m proud of that…’

15. ‘There may not be a great job for them but whatever there is, they just have to do it, and if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done’

On Nicola Roxon:

16. ‘That’s bullshit. You’re being deliberately unpleasant. I suppose you can’t help yourself, can you?’

Update – Election 2013

On the merits of Liberal candidate Fiona Scott: 

17. ‘I think I can probably say [she] has a bit of sex appeal’

18. ‘… [she’s] not just a pretty face’

On the subtleties of the crisis in Syria:

19: ‘It’s not goodies versus baddies, it’s baddies versus baddies’

On posing closely with a group of teen netballers:

20: ‘… [a] bit of body contact never hurt anyone’



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515 Responses to 20 Quotes From Tony Abbott to Remind You Why He Shouldn’t Be Prime Minister

  1. Meg says:

    Oh man…makes me feel kind of nauseated.

    • Felicity says:

      6. ‘I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak’

      I see a lot wrong with a lot he says but I have to disagree on this one, it does take give and take on both sides, sex should never be a bargaining chip nor with held completely.

      Neither should it be demanded, but the sad truth these days is men are being made to look like morons all the time, in commercials, movies and it’s pathetic, when did a man have to comply because his masculinity might offend?

      Oddly if your a woman you can be as sexist as you like, communication and no not whining and gossiping to friends about him, contrary to popular belief men aren’t mind readers however your man should be our best fried and come before all others.

      I see friends sometimes and people on television going to anyone to nag about him when how hard is it really to go to the man you love, or I hope so, and speak to him, it does wonders, maybe not for everyone but there’s a lot of communication and trust in my marriage and I ave to admit it couldn’t be any better, what we have is a strong bond and trust each other 100%.

      This isn’t true in every case of but I see men downtrodden so much these days it makes me cringe, if I wanted someone with no testosterone and whom couldn’t show his masculinity I’d have married a woman, so that’s my view for better or worse.

      And for me? I have the most amazing, loving and honest marriage, more importantly we have no secrets, we are each others world and have a very happy and fulfilling relationship

      • James K says:

        Hi Felicity
        Just so you know, men control 70% of media outlets and advertising, so in theory it is men choosing how men are represented in the media.
        Also, to oppress someone (be sexist/racist to them) a person needs two things – power and privilege. For example, a white woman can oppress a black man on the basis of race, whilst a black man can oppress a white woman on the basis of sex. It is NOT POSSIBLE to be sexist to a male, in the same way it is not possible to be racist to a white person. It just doesn’t work like that. I actually fall into the most privileged category (white, middle class, Christian, cissexual, straight, able and neurotypical), and I am still able to not be an oppressive asshole (unlike Tony Abbot).
        As for your comment about men who aren’t “masculine”, sex is biological, whilst gender is culturally determined. In other words, just because some one is biologically male, it shouldn’t mean that they have to conform to the socially determined stereotype of masculinity, in the same way women should NOT have to be silenced, small and act vulnerable because of the nature of their genitals.
        Good day.

      • Tina says:

        Hi James,
        You do not need to have power or privileged to be sexiest and raciest. These terms simply mean hated based on these physical attributes. A ‘white’ man can be oppressed… and are quite often the target of minority groups who hold then wholly responsible for indecencies that they have been shown. I resent that you imply that woman and people of heritage have less power and privilege. As I am both and have luckily never experienced or accepted that idea. It is the 21st century and it is acceptance and anger of these ideas that are keeping our society stagnant.
        Best wishes,

      • Elle says:

        No one, of any gender, under any circumstances should ever think that they have to have sex with anyone if they don’t want to, ever. There is no give or take on that one. It has to be consensual. The idea that sex is a man’s right to demand does not need to be moderated… It needs to be completely rejected.

      • Yellow fever says:

        Well said Felicity. That’s why Australian men are ditching Australian women in their droves to find women in other countries that allow them to fulfill their, dare i say it, physiological and psychological needs. The feminist agenda is out of control.

      • sam.mclean@kcl.ac.uk says:

        Felicity and Yellow Fever – you are talking absolute tosh. What a load of nonsense – “the feminist agenda is out of control”. What kind of regressive people are you?

        Perhaps you haven’t seen the hard stats on gender inequality and abuse of women by men? No doubt this is all because men are unable to fulfil their ‘physiological and psychological needs’ because they live in a world ruled by women….get a grip! Absolutely dumb.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone on O2

      • Yellow fever says:

        Has nothing to do with being “regressive,” but i’m sure it’s easier for you, Sam, to paint the broad brush rather than acknowledging the issue. Men and women are not inherently equal and they shouldn’t be held up by society as being the same. Sure, they should have equal rights, but that doesn’t necessitate a rejection a scientific understanding of what makes the sexes different. We have different emotional, psychological and physical needs, and your binary ideas of gender equality only serve to propagate a system that is emasculating men and depriving women of their femininity.

      • Mclean, Sam says:

        Don’t point your broad brush at me 🙂 That must be being ironic, right, given what you are arguing. No, seriously, thanks for responding.

        1. Biology, anthropology, psychology, and everyday experience show us the same thing: that your argument is based on one broad, faulty belief: That all men are essentially the same and women essentially the same with respect to ‘natural’ needs. But that’s clearly not true.

        Just in a single group of friends, let alone different cultures, there are big differences and variations between men and between women when it comes to sexual and psychological ‘needs’. Your original post even logically implies this – i.e. some women don’t give men what women in other parts of the world would/do. Why? Because presumably different women have different ‘needs’ . The same is true of men. Surely you’ve experienced these differences yourself in one way or another?

        2. What do you mean, men and women are ‘not inherently equal’? You might say, ‘the average man is physically stronger than the average woman’. But that doesn’t tell us anything about men and women being equal/unequal in general. It tells us even less about the status of that equality/inequality (i.e. whether its inherent or not).

        3. ‘Binary ideas of gender equality’? That’s your position! My view is simple: we are all human beings, and human beings are different.

        I don’t wish to be nasty, you are entitled to your own views, and I like your honesty. I just think they are wrong and dangerous, for men and women. They reduce men and women, both to pathetic creatures.

        On 27 Jun 2013, at 14:37, What’s the run dude? <comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote:

      • ReB says:

        You seem to be a little confused about the meanings of the words ‘equal’ and ‘the same’. The two words are not interchangeable. While society may acknowledge men and women as equal, there are very, very few people who would attempt to claim they are the same. It’s like saying ‘6 + 1’ and ‘3 + 4’ and ‘5 + 2’ are the same, just because they all add up to 7. Each equation is different, but they are all of equal value. So it is with people – male or female, we are all different, but we are all of equal value, regardless of gender.

      • Henry N says:

        There’s been a couple of replies, but I still don’t think the central issue has been highlighted: Abbott’s words illustrate the basic assumption that sex is something which a woman withholds and a man achieves or collects, an idea that is ridiculously archaic and based in misogyny. All the apologists who claim that the quotes have been taken out of context are missing the point; these quotes reveal a certain way of seeing the world, one which is outrageously close-minded and uninformed. That this mind could be one leading the country is terrifying.

        The idea that men cannot experience sexism is bullshit; however to presume that they experience it in exactly the same way, to the same degree, or as frequently as women is just as ridiculous. Men and women are not the same, but the opportunities they are afforded should be equal. Unfortunately, it seems that often those who do the least thinking are those with the loudest voices.

      • Drew H says:

        Somewhat of a late reply but James K, IF you think its impossible for a white male to be the target of sexism try working in a highly female dominated field then hold the same attitude.

      • Ellen T says:

        Marry me James K

      • CB says:

        Actually a person ALWAYS has a right to withhold sex. It is called ‘consent’ and it is always necessary. Demanding sex is a criminal act, withholding it is a right. There’s a pretty massive difference.
        If a man can’t handle a woman withholding sex, then there is nothing stopping him from going and having sex with someone who IS willing to have sex. Demanding it from someone who doesn’t want it is not sex, it is rape.

      • Tina says:

        I feel like you wrote this spiel in large just to gloat over how wonderful your marriage is. The absurdity of Abbot’s statement lies in the suggestion that a woman should to some degree feel obliged to provide sex, and a man is in some degree within his rights to demand it- It should always be consensual, no matter what, and there should be no pressure felt by any party to comply out of a sense of ‘obligation’. But yeah, I really don’t get the point that you’re trying to make?

      • Valour says:

        Looks like Felicity, Yellow fever and one or tow others would like to take it back to the 50’s era. (I’d probably call that regressive”). No wonder they support the Tone.

      • Jehan says:

        Felicity: That is a bunch of bullshit. No one should ever feel an obligation to have sex with anyone. As a dude, my girlfriend has every right to not want to ever have sex with me again. If I force her to have sex with me, I’m a rapist. Now, I have every right to leave her (for pretty much any reason I choose, and she has the same right). But no one has the right to demand sex. That’s crappy behaviour. Of course women know that if you refuse to have sex with your partner they will probably feel rejected and eventually leave you. If you are an unfulfilling partner, you are likely to end up alone. That’s all the pressure you need to be a good partner.

      • Sonia says:

        What a load of….. Is Felicity Tony Abbot’s illegitimate daughter?

      • anon-y says:

        ew you sound like a rape apologist too

      • lola rushartland says:

        Just read your ‘bit’ from feb 2013 – well said! I am totally with you and say similar stuff very often – on FB when I can so that positive stuff goes out to men out there and they know that some females actually care and support them! AND I have a Son… He is 13 and needs to know that there are women speaking up on this subject!!

      • Nicks says:

        “sex should never be a bargaining chip nor with held completely.” So are you actually saying that sex should never be with held completely? As in everyone should have sex with whoever asks? Because that could lead to a very messy society…..

      • jason says:

        100% right on. Great to read some common sense, not propaganda from some pinko radical.

      • Joel says:

        I think you’ll find that the criticism over this quote wasn’t about the ways in which men and women are depicted, the balance between them, nor how you prefer it, but specifically the notion that any political leader would suggest that someone – anyone – doesn’t always have the right to refuse sexual intercourse, which is clearly an absurd and dangerous precedent to set.

      • aussiepunter says:

        you’re. You are. you’re.


      • Raava says:

        Men speaking up for womens rights. Damn I love you guys. Like just marry me seriously.

        But yeah, women just like men have a right to withold sex without question, moreover every human has a right to refuse or accept what they want in their sexlife. Obviously.

        As for what felicity said, witholding sex is not oppression, it’s a right. And for many good reasons, do you really need me to list them out? Try common sense. Or we could go into the moral, psychological and biological nittygritties?

        Why is there even a question of whether or not there should be equality raised? Do people seriously still think that their skin tone, sex, beliefs or race gives them more rights by birth?? Daaaaahelllll??

    • My very favourite was last night…

      “You voted for Kevin in 2007 and got Julia, in 2010 you voted for Julia and got Kevin. If you vote for Kevin in 2013, who will you end up with?”


      a) How do I vote for Kevin if he doesn’t appear on my ballot sheet?
      b) Shouldn’t you know, as a federal policitcal ‘leader’ that Australians don’t vote for the leader, but their local representative?

      • pyeman says:

        Actually James, most Australian’s vote according to who they would prefer to be the PM or ruling party, and not on who they think will be a better local candidate.
        So yes, thank you for your smart little quip, but leave the quibbles over semantics to the school kids – I think we all knew what he meant.

      • Ben says:

        James right on, exactly I voted for my local candidate and no body else. My senate vote was so random. So I think you are wrong there Pyman!

    • Alex says:

      I believe everyone has the right to withhold from sex. Women AND men alike. If we’re going to talk about equality between the sexes, I think we need to add that men have the right to say no to sex as much as women do.

      More to the point, relationships are based on communication and trust. On understanding each others needs. Of course, you have to make compromises to make the relationship work, but sex should not be something that is part of those compromises. Having sex, even when you do not want to, is wrong. No one has the right to demand sex from anyone, and everyone has the right to withhold.

      On equality, I enjoy ReB’s analogy of the different sums equalling the same result. However, to just say men are different from women, implies all men are basically the same and all women are basically the same. Which, if you live in the real world, you would realise is completely wrong. Humans are so much more complicated than that. We’re all made up of different traits, personalities, abilities and weaknesses. But we all add up to the same thing: human. And all humans, because we are equal, deserve and should have the same rights and opportunities. Of course, this is not true in practice, but with time and effort, that could change.

    • ryan says:

      most of those statements show him to be what he is a failed priest, u know its hard to fail at being a priest unless u lose your faith which he aparntly didnt, if u think u cant be descriminated against because your mail thats utter tosh just like my ex didnt belive women could comit domestic violence in her mind she could hit me demean and threaten me asmuch as she wanted but if i grabed her arm to stop her shed call police claim domestic violence had it happen o 8x or so then we broke up cause my kid didnt deserve that environment and then i realy got to findout how F’ed up our system is despite her being hunted by mental health and them telling me she was a danger to herself and others her lawyer which she got in 1 day somehow when they told me to wait 28 days(got 1 the day after she did, only cuase she had 1 had to be represented lol) to be filed with a emergency custody order claiming full custody of my kid so i had to hand my kid over to somone considered a danger to herself or others at the time or go to court and have her lose all custody for forseable future, ps my kid is a girl. so i had to hand my kid over and hope for best. despite being told by mental health if she got hurt it would be my resposability because i knew she was a danger to herself and others, descriminatio comes in all forms age sex religion my daughter was descriminated against because she was to oung to talk for herself me i was wrong sex. but abbot apears to like his descrimination the poor the disposed women the mentaly ill the indigenous population, the aged the young he seems happy to descriminate against them all. but what can u expect from somone indoctrinated into a 2000yr old belife structure

  2. James says:

    Your post is interesting for a change, do you have sources?

  3. bridgemosku says:

    Taat any one would speak in this manner let alone believe these things is beyond my comprehension. Jo Eadie

  4. bridgemosku says:

    Sorry about the typo .
    Jo Eadie

  5. Cleo says:

    Ha! Gonna go live in Canada if this idiot is ever in charge of the country.

  6. thegab92 says:

    This is such lazy journalizm.

    • Jessica says:

      Journalism? I thought this was somebody’s blog!!!

      I suppose that a proper journalist might try to put some “context” around each of these quotes to make them less sexist, racist, vile and disgusting. However, I think the author of this piece has done well in letting them stand alone as the words of a man who sees himself as a legitimate leader.

    • kingalingg says:

      Do you even understand what journalism is?

      Please don’t insult me by claiming someone’s blog is journalism.

  7. MichaelEdits says:

    I knew I didn’t like him. Thanks for telling me why. 🙂

    • Emi says:

      dont believe everything these Lefties write

      • Nixxy says:

        You don’t need to believe it – the quotes are cited. That’s the great thing about facts. They’re true whether you believe them or not.

      • Uncle Chop says:

        Hear Hear .. Harden the fuck up Australia. Too many bleeding hearts.

    • truth says:

      So all of your thinking is done for you by others—from the Left only of course.
      Labor will be very pleased that with people like you outsourcing their thinking, the propaganda and shutdown of democracy is able to work so easily.
      No wonder they find it so easy to suppress inconvenient facts on the status of climate science and to whip the lemmings into mass hysteria about CAGW in the absence— for more than a decade —- of any significant warming.

      • Stephen says:

        I’d laugh hysterically if it wasn’t so serious

      • joshua says:

        you sound a bit conspiracy minded, ever thought that maybe you are speaking propaganda as well? Or am i just part of ‘the Left’ enemy cabal seeking to hide ‘the Truth’

      • Yakuzi says:

        Great piece of psychological projection Truth. Let us instead just accept Abbott’s interpretation of what Jesus knew/said. That way we don’t have think at all and can happily follow a mindless flock.

      • Pam says:

        You wouldn’t know a science book if it slapped you in the face.
        And 13 of the last 15 years are the hottest 13 years on record – pretty much the definition of significant warming.

      • Salstarat) says:

        Truth, you wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it reared up and bit you on your bum! You say “Left” like it is a bad thing … I AM PROUD TO BE LEFT because it is the left-wingers of this world who are the academics, the intelligent movers and shakers, the socially conscious, community minded people who CARE about the less fortunate, the unemployed, the disenfranchised UNLIKE the right-wing members of the ME-ME Party whose nauseating self-entitlement and relentless rapacity has created a stone cole oligarchy filled with Abbott clones who can only think about themselves! It’s the socialist LEFT who formed the hard working unions and union members who fought hard for the fantastic work conditions that rusted-on, draconian right wing fascists like YOU enjoy (whilst you sat on your a*ses doing nothing). If you enjoy superannuation, four weeks annual leave, leave loading, sick leave, holiday pay, workers compensation, 40 hour working week, OH&S conditions to create a healthier, safer working environment – then you have US (the hard working, “get it done” LEFT) to thank for it, you sanctimonious, pretentious right wing idiot!

  8. Adrian says:

    What choice do we have though? The idiot red head who is financially crippling Australia and costing billions, or Abbott. We are screwed.

    • Donnie says:

      ‘Idiot red head’? What does hair colour have to do with anything?

      • TD says:

        Idiot red head, that’s the prime minister; she has red hair. It’s not very common so you can just say idiot red head and everyone knows who you’re talking about. Try it, it works. If she had a huge nose she’d be the big nosed idiot. If she had wings she’d be the winged idiot. You could ask what does Tony Abbot’s swim wear choice have to do with anything, but for a long time he didn’t get a mention without reference to his budgie smugglers because he was the only one who wore them.

    • cmaeorn says:

      how the fuck is she costing us billions and financially crippling australia? yet another fucking retard who doesnt understand the slightest bit of politics. australia is the most desirable country IN THE WORLD to live in right now. we STILL HAVENT entered recession thanks to GILLARD and as a matter of fact, taxes under JOHN HOWARD were HIGHER than they are under gillard. get your facts straight before you follow the crowd you god damn sheep

      • Spoons says:

        Your blatant insult and flaming of someone who is simply stating their relatively unbiased opinion suggests that you are inbred and/or living under a rock. What does his knowledge of politics have to do with his knowledge of simple economics? We weathered the recession well but could have done a lot better. Giving out money at a time when tax cuts would have kept that $ within our borders and circulating would have been a better idea.
        Yes, Australia is desirable, probably more so to those outside the borders than those inside them at the moment due to the political pissing contests which we are witness too.
        As far as taxes being higher, to be honest, the kind of debt we were in when when Howard started (you know, the 96 billion dollars which the previous governments [plural, it was a joint effort from what I read] got us into) consider me happy to help my country get out of the red and into the 29 billion dollars of green we were in before this government started. (again, if you cant see a recession in there then you’re blind)
        Pretty sure you’re the only one Baaaaa’ing here.

        Government is cyclical, periods of conservatism to cover up periods of attempted progressive spending. Neither can work without the other really and until we start supporting each other and understanding this then we will be played against each other. Last time I checked they’re meant to be the public servants.

      • TD says:

        I agree with spoons. Neither party can run this country very well on its own. The right manages money very well but has little apparent regard for humanity. The lefts have a high regard for humanity but they’re terrible at running a business.
        The Liberals inherit a debt, get it payed off, make a profit and a lot of enemies at the same time, then Labor makes friends by spending all the money, then makes enemies by creating a debt, then the Liberals get back into power….

      • JV says:

        Taxes were NOT higher under the Howard Government. That is pure Labor spin.

        Tax REVENUE, as a percentage of GDP, is slightly lower under this government (than the Howard era) – due to the weaker capital gains and company tax revenue resulting from the GFC. This is not a result of a lower tax regime by the government despite what the Labor spin doctors would have you believe.

        “The GFC also caused capital gains tax receipts to fall by around two-thirds from their peak of 1.5 per cent of GDP in 2007-08. Asset markets have remained sluggish and there is an unprecedented stock of losses that remain to be absorbed by future gains before tax will be payable. Capital gains tax receipts are predicted to recover, but not to reach their pre-crisis share of GDP.” – Source: http://www.budget.gov.au/2012-13/content/glossy/tax_reform/html/tax_overview_02.htm

        —- “Get your facts straight before you follow the crowd you god damn sheep”

      • David says:

        Canada says “Hi” …

      • truth says:

        The ratio of tax to GDP was higher because GDP was smaller.
        Now GDP is at record heights [ even though it’s being squandered by Labor], so that to have the same tax to GDP ratio, taxes would have to be humungous.
        Australia is only in the favorable position it’s in, because the Howard Government left a legacy of a $22billion surplus, billions in the Future Fund—no government debt—the wealthiest populace in the world—wages that had risen >20% under Howard/Costello, while under Hawke/Keating Labor , they had fallen—and China ready to pay squillions for minerals that Labor didn’t put in the ground.
        It’s you who’s running with the sheep, and swallowing whole Swan’s ridiculous propaganda and parroting it here.

      • calli says:

        Thanku! Can’t believe how many morons believe its JGs fault, but sounds like they’re so determined to be angry at something they don’t want to know the truth! The rest of the world must be thinking wtf. The only thing our former pm did wrong in my opinion was to not dumb it down for the bogans. You think Tony Abbott cares more about u? From a more privelaged background I’m pretty sure he puts on that “ocka” accent, oh and he also is said to have punched a wall next to a woman’s face to threaten her….awesome!

    • Sheyen says:

      Adrian, do you understand politics or the economy? If so, enlighten us with your credentials mate because economics is a freakishly difficult concept to get your head around. And while you’re qualifying stuff, can you also enlighten us as to the exact and specific reasons you believe Julia Gillard is financially crippling Australia? Last I checked, we were actually doing okay – presently there are many many more countries who are far deeper financial shit because of their inaction and lack of response to the Global Financial Crisis. If you’re going to criticise somebody, at least state a few specifics and give actual reasons, not insults. Flinging mud and shit with no substance is an Abbott speciality.

    • Liz says:

      Actually, Australia is doing extremely well. I’m living in England right now and annual wages for teachers and admin workers, for example, are a small fraction of what they are in Australia. And look at Greece and Spain – does the media report that in Australia? They have required multiple financial bailouts. Has Australia has a bailout recently?

      On rereading your comment it seems that you don’t like Abbott either, as you include him in your definition of being “screwed”. However, whatever mistakes Gillard is making (and there are many – her biggest one being pandering to the right-wingers on climate change, asylum seeker rights and marriage equality) just remember that we would be A HUNDRED TIMES WORSE OFF with Abbott – Gillard is not making misogynistic comments about housewives and ironing, nor barefaced lies about climate change, nor ludicrous statements about asylum seekers based on religious rubbish. Just remember that the Greens actually do have policies of their own, not just a knee-jerk slagging off of everything Labor does – so they are the party that will be getting my vote.

      Plus, Gillard’s hair colour has nothing to do with anything. If you thought that way, your reason for opposing Abbott would be his sticking-out ears.

      • truth says:


        Even while our MSM saw to it that Gillard’s misogynist rant went around the world, she was herself protecting Australia’s misogynist-in-chief—her very own pick for Speaker of the House—chosen only for his usefulness in shoring up her numbers in parliament and tightening her grip on power over the Australian people.

        What did she care about his character—zilch!

        And what is more misogynist than a woman who has a special penchant for affairs with married men with children.

        A woman with her lack of scruples and her morality vacuum is the enemy of women , and especially of children, whose lives she appears to have held in such reckless disregard.

        And why should one of the most law-abiding nations on earth have as its leader, a person and a former lawyer– –in Gillard—who is dodging the scrutiny of the law on her connection to a money-laundering and fraud operation run by her former lover —a man who deserves, in her view , it seems, to get away scot free with breaking Australia’s laws.

        Have you never done any ironing, Liz?

        Some women do, you know—and they even actually think while they iron—sometimes about very important matters, like what a 23% tax on everything will do not only to their own budgets, but to the economy of the country—and how it’s designed to rise every year, even as the European carbon price falls.

        Some women—while they’re ironing—-not you of course though—realize that a big extra tax does make a difference—just as a big pay cut does—that it will be paid for one way or another—either in higher prices or lost jobs.

        The UK Met admitted that warming ceased more than a decade ago.

        Are they lying—or are you sucked in by the propaganda instead of keeping up with developments?

        If you had paid attention to the source of the Jesus comment, you would see that Tony Jones of Q&A introduced religion into the asylum-seeker issue,[ not Tony Abbott ]—- in an attempt to smear TA.

        Abbott simply said that Australia can’t take everyone who wants to come—and if you think we should then you’re no friend of Australia.

        The Greens policies will destroy Australia given the chance —have you actually read them—not just the laundered ones they have now—but the ones they had to hide when a few questions started to come their way —finally.

      • bruce J. says:

        Actually “truth” below is a liar. The MET has NOT said global warming has stopped. They published data and it has been corrupted by deniers like you. For the real truth see

        It isn’t the MET lying, it is the people using the data, and gullible people like you who fall for the very thing you accuse others of – propaganda. See another image here:

        Also I iron every day, and know there is not a 23% tax on everything. It is $23 per tonne of carbon released. this equates to just under 2 cents per litre of petrol. If this worries you, Coles and Woolies will give you 8 cents back, and if you use you average $20 cut that was also achieved directly because of the carbon levy, to shop at these places, you will find a bag of Wayne Swann goodies has actually gone down in price from a year ago. The greens despite some odd ideas, at least will have an Australia worth having.

        You call yourself truth. Is that because we have this in writing, or is it Tony Abbott’s version of Truth?

      • truth says:

        Thank you for your critique….but it’s not exactly as you say.

        This is what was reported by David Rose ……….
        ‘On Tuesday, news finally broke of a revised Met Office ‘decadal forecast’, which not only acknowledges the pause, but predicts it will continue at least until 2017. It says world temperatures are likely to stay around 0.43 degrees above the long-term average – as by then they will have done for 20 years.’
        And this is what the Met office said in reply…..acknowledging the pause, and the role of natural forcings, which work both ways….also acknowledging that the science isn’t settled after all, as the propaganda tells us. They also don’t answer the questions very clearly
        The Met….
        [ ‘we also know that changes in the surface temperature occur not just due to internal variability, but are also influenced by “external forcings”, such as changes in solar activity, volcanic eruptions or aerosol emissions. Combined, several of these factors could account for some or all of the reduced warming trend seen over the last decade – but this is an area of ongoing research.’]
        And then—from the Met… again acknowledging the 15 year long pause—which their colleague at HadCru , Phil Jones, said showed no statistically significant warming.
        [ ‘Over the last 140 years global surface temperatures have risen by about 0.8ºC. However, within this record there have been several periods lasting a decade or more during which temperatures have risen very slowly or cooled. The current period of reduced warming is not unprecedented and 15 year long periods are not unusual.’]
        Here an acknowledgment of the great power of the natural climate variations like the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, Enso etc.
        [ ‘The models exhibit large variations in the rate of warming from year to year and over a decade, owing to climate variations such as ENSO, the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation and Pacific Decadal Oscillation. So in that sense, such a period is not unexpected. It is not uncommon in the simulations for these periods to last up to 15 years, but longer periods are unlikely.’]
        Do you contend that the earth should not be warming at all as it emerges from the Little Ice Age?
        If it’s not acceptable for it to be warming slightly , do you think it should have been cooling over the last 140 years —-ie adding to the LIA ice? And how long do you expect that should go on—towards another full-on ice age?
        Or do do you contend that it should be static—which it never has been?
        There have only been reliable measurements of temperature since the 70s—and in the early 70s the great scare was of ‘the coming ice age’ –with some of today’s high priests of climate at the forefront of that scare.
        But then in 1976 that all ended when the Great Pacific Climate shift occurred, and a warming trend began until 1997—and it’s plateaued since then.
        So that’s the great alarming trend—-from 1976 to 1997—preceded by ice age hysteria.
        Measurement of ocean temperature is hugely important, yet it has only been reasonably reliable since 2003, with the advent of the Argo floats—and it reveals almost no warming [ ‘the missing heat’ climate scientists obsess about]
        CO2 continues to rise and warming has paused—no significant correlation— and this is consistent with the logarithmic nature of the limited warming effect of CO2, as described by the high priest of CAGW himself—James Hansen—and never refuted by him…
        [ ‘Although the addition of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does increase the surface temperature, the rate of temperature increase diminishes with increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere’]

      • truth says:


        Further to your critique—and on the 23% carbon tax.

        It’s a 23% on carbon that raises electricity prices at the generators, and raises the prices of certain carbon-intense products .

        Either it’s absorbed by those taxed at the source—or it’s pass down the chain by them and appears in prices of other products.

        If a business has multiple inputs , each input now more expensive than before due to the passed-on carbon tax component—-then either that business’s product or service will be significantly more expensive, or it will absorb extra costs in order to get an edge on competitors who have to pass it on.

        In that scenario, prices will be inflated and /or jobs will go, as those already close to the wall and facing each year’s increase in carbon tax on inputs, find they can’t absorb and survive .

        This will be exacerbated from July 2014 when the carbon tax will apply to fuel, and will therefore raise prices on everything—unless again businesses take a hit and become less profitable.

        Labor and the unions have business intimidated—the threat being ‘don’t link job losses to the carbon tax, thereby requiring Paul Howes to resign as he promised—or you’ll get trouble from unions and from Labor’s carbon watchdogs wielding the big fines—- with a feast for Labor lawyers.’

        If you think it’s nothing to have a 23% tax on the electricity used for every good and service consumed in Australia, then you wouldn’t be fazed with the multiples of that , favoured by the Greens, I guess—and you would claim that it likewise would have no inflation or jobs impact.

        ‘Bring on the taxes—more and more taxes’, is your call to your wasteful and corrupt party.

        These taxes are like wage cuts—so would you be just as happy to take big wage cuts?

        Swan’s cyclical stunt is meaningless.

        Let’s see his bag of goodies after the recent floods—and check and see if [ amongst your goodies, not Daffy’s] the quantities you’re paying the same price for are the same—or whether , as you’ll see on some goods, the new way to keep the price down is to cut the grams or mls—or pagesetc.

        With GreenLabor’s carbon tax increasing each year, and the European version it’s linked to fast disappearing, how long do you think the ‘compensation ‘ will continue to flow—or do you expect that GreenLabor will just put Australia into even more debt to the Communist Chinese dictatorship in order to stay in power?

        The Greens you’re so enamoured of, would, amongst other things toxic to Australia, kill coal right now—as an electricity generator and as an export commodity—and to iron ore and other minerals that are big emitters in their extraction.

        Tell me—what are their plans for the reliable electricity generation that a modern country must have to thrive—or is their plan, as it used to be—for Australia to become a subsistence economy largely overseen by the dysfunctional corruption-ridden UN??

        Is it their plan that we’ll get all the electricity they think we need or should be allowed to have, from wind turbines manufactured in Communist China—or from solar-thermal plants that are closing here and everywhere because they’re not viable as base load generators—or from the now mothballed geothermal experiments?

        And when they’ve killed coal—– whence comes the export income needed to fund all the handouts-for-votes they plan—like free University for all etc.

        GreenLabor and their followers here and OS are going to be responsible for nuclear proliferation around the world, and a threat to civilization that makes AGW look like a day at the beach, as every seismically and politically unstable little country will find their only alternative is to instal nuclear reactors , in order to comply with CO2 political correctness demanded by the lunatic Left.

        And your Greens would bleed dry Australia’s productive and enterprising population and hand over the remains of a once-prosperous democracy to the Communist Chinese dictatorship, and our sovereignty to the Socialist redistributionists of the crooked UN.

      • Bruce J. says:

        Well Truth, oxygen and magnesium come together reading your reply. You are either telling lies or rather uneducated and spouting off BS. It is NOT 23 % Read it again. It is NOT 23 %. Please KNOW what you are talking about. It IS $23 per tonne. i.e. 1,000,000 grams of carbon. It is not a tax on everything More BS. It may add to production costs, but even if it was 23% on electricity it would only add that to everything if electricity was the only input cost and it went up by 23%, which it hasn’t – it is about 8% on coal generated electricity. And show me a product where the entire input costs is electricity and I will show you – well electricity.

        Have you heard of thermal solar generators? They run for 7 days without the sun, and only need one day to renew their energy. Yes the technology is already here. it supplies base load.

        You didn’t watch the video on the 16 years of pausing did you. Or don’t you understand La Nina and El Nino, or the effects of sulfur dioxides?

        To compare Labor to the communist China, well you are worse than those who claim GWA are frauds.

        As for the effects of levying fuel, here is the chemistry and maths behind it:-
        Octane = C8H18
        One tonne = 1000kg = 1,000,000 grams = $23
        You have 680g of octane per litre. Molar mass octane = 8*12.011+18*1.008 = 114.189g. In 680g you have 680/114.189 = 5.955 moles. Each mole contains 6.022*10^23 molecules. Number of molecules = 3.586*10^24 molecules.
        1 litre = 680g of which carbon represents 96.088
        And hydrogen 18.144
        Thus, carbon = 84%.
        1 litre of octane is = 680 grams, and you will need 1000000 grams for a tone.
        Given $23 per million grams, and that 1 litre = 680 grams,
        Then the carbon levy is = to $23 * 680/1000000 * 84%
        1,470 litres of petrol makes up one tonne of octane but as only 84 % is carbon, then to produce a tone of carbon you will need to use 1750 litres of fuel if it was 100% octane. As it is 92% you will need to use 1902 litres.
        1902 litres of fuel for which the levy will add $23 or 2,300 cents. So divide the 2300 cents per tone, by the number of litres you need to burn to release a tonne of carbon and you get 2300/1902 = 1.2 cent approx increase at the pump.

        Yes it is an increase of 1.2 cents per litre, but I would suggest you could avoid it by buying your fuel on a Wednesday.

        As for fuel, fuel is octane.

    • Australia is financially very secure with low unemployment. You are just sprouting more propaganda. Check your facts yourself and stop believing the lies peddled by the media

    • Douglas says:

      The Australian economy has rarely been in better shape than it is right now. And it is certainly in better shape than any other advanced economy.

      Unemployment is low and falling.

      Interest rates are lower than at any time under the Howard government.

      Under Labor we’re one of the lowest-taxed countries in the western world. (Compared to the Howard government, which was the highest-taxing government in Australia’s history).

      The public debt-to-GDP ratio is a fraction of comparable countries.

      Our terms of trade have never been better.

      The Oz economy has (for the first time ever) been rated AAA by the world’s top three ratings agencies.

      Our Treasurer was last year named International Finance Minister of the Year by the prestigious Euromoney magazine.

      Here are a few articles to help you understand Australia’s economic conditions:




      • truth says:

        All bogus Labor talking points, Douglas.

        The Australian economy is only favorable compared to the others because the others are all basket cases due to the social [Socialist] engineering of the Clinton administration that produced the mandated sub-prime home mortgages that underpinned the consequently worthless mortgage-based securities and the related credit default swaps that made the Clinton/Rubin-created megabanks mega-richer, while destabilizing the whole world banking system—-all the work of the Left.

        Australia dodged that bullet, not because of the wonders of the incompetent Swan and Labor, but because the Howard government had left them a legacy of unprecedented prosperity and a superstar economy with low unemployment—- unprecedented rises in individual wealth—a narrowing gap between rich and poor—an aspirational population—low inflation and interest rates—wage rises over the term of >22% compared to the falls in wages during the Hawke/Keating governments—and most importantly just the right amount of regulation that prevented the madness that infected the rest of the world.

        Labor treasurers get the European accolades and trophies no matter how incompetent they are, because they’re handed out by fellow Left wing parasites infesting the world bodies and playing their nefarious roles in the ‘long march of the Left through the institutions’.

        Unemployment isn’t falling, and interest rates are lower, because the RBA is trying to kick start the non-mining economy that’s crippled by Labor’s carbon tax and sovereign risk.

        Debt and tax to GDP ratios are only smaller because we’re in a commodities boom the fruits of which Labor is squandering—and of course GDP is very high, making the ratio lower.

        A higher denominator produces a lower ratio.

        The off-mine economy is struggling, with businesses just hanging on by their toenails, and job losses in the pipeline.

        The ASX is full of happy-talk, because they take all their leads from the US, and they just lo-o-ove Obama’s quantitative easing[ aka printing money], and they adore hand-outs by Labor governments to buy votes—the supposed free marketeers and entrepreneurs drooling for OPM redistribution—not giving a damn about the economy in the long term.

        By then, they and GreenLabor will have ‘moved on’ —–as is the nefarious , treasonous way of the Left.

    • benno says:

      4th strongest economy in the world financially crippling is it? Adrian, do you listen to 2GB?

    • Michael Dowling says:

      Show your bigotry Adrian! If Australia is recognised worldwide as a financial success story why can’t you accept it?

      • Uncle Chop says:

        If I hear another leftie use the word bigot, ill scream. Find another buzzword, that one has lost its sting, being used so incorrectly all the time.

    • Felicia says:

      Sooo agree Adrian….

  9. Luke says:

    Better the devil you know then the Devil you don’t know Donnie. She;s also not as bad as she’s made out to be. This is from someone who follows politics all day, everyday.

    • PeterTB says:

      Whereas I see the choice as being between faint hope and proven failure.
      Have you noticed that older Australians strongly favour a return to the Coalition?
      Why do you think that might be?

      • Kyle says:

        He you noticed older Australians also refuse to learn new things, adopt new technologies or generally aren’t accepting of change? Why do you think that might be?

        I accept we have many things to learn from our seniors, but they are not an infallible pool of right choices. Maybe we should accept gender inequality because hey, ‘it was acceptable in the 50’s’.

  10. Sinoman says:

    I t amazes me the utter ignorance of some of our Australian compatriots from the Left. The general lack of reasoning is always obvious. Their collectivist hatred for anything or anyone who would dare challenge their infallible ideology and their refusal to seek balance in reporting or in the search for truthful information sets them apart. I notice all but a couple of links are to Left wing media. No surprise there. Most of the remainder is either cherry picked, taken out of context, not relevant or simply the view of the vast majority of thinking Australian people. Nothing you have introduced here has shown Tony Abbott in a bad light but instead exemplifies your sad belief system and a questionable set of values. Others here , by their crass, abusive statements full of inaccuracies and vitriol, out themselves simply as dills. I see I am not alone in castigating the publisher of this blog. Oh, by the way, this most certainly isn’t journalism. Just cowardly rhetoric.

    • Rufus says:

      ‘Nothing you have introduced here has shown Tony Abbott in a bad light…’ Except what he is quoted as saying above. Some of these quotes are well documented – his hypocritical stance on the carbon tax is especially well known.

      • pam says:

        The ‘bad husband or bad father’ quote presents him in an awful light, especially for the many who have been victims of said husbands and fathers.

    • dave says:

      So what you’re saying is that you’re as big a jerk as Tony and despise lefties who have a ‘sad belief system’ and ‘questionable values’ outside those held by your shared ideal nirvana of 13th century Europe? Gotcha.

      Also, although this is a blog, you are quite right in the fact that the majority of links are to Left Wing media.

      That’s the price you pay if you want to post facts as opposed to dog whistle nonsense.

      • Iron Chef says:

        Is this one of those situations where, when everyone moves to the right, people previously standing in the middle appear to be on the left?

    • janus says:

      Nice trying to flame a “lefty” for being generalist and unsubstantiated, when all you did was use generalist and unsubstantiated arguments yourself.

      This is a fully qualified statement: You are a complete goose.

    • pam says:

      I take it the ABC is the ‘left wing media’.

    • baest0r says:

      Vitriol is what you’ve just written. I still fail to see a point. Take a look in the mirror.

    • Liz says:

      Um, nothing in these statements shows Abbott in a bad light? If you can’t see it, there’s no point in explaining it to you. Even leaving all that out, I suppose you think it’s acceptable to swear and insult someone in Parliament now, is it?

      And I’d dispute that what Abbott says is the view of “thinking” Australian people. If Abbott does “think” about what he says, it’s about how best to make himself look powerful and to scare the actual non-thinking Australians.

    • I had to laugh. You consider The Age, The SMH, tonyabbott.com.au, and The Australian left wing media? Mate, you must be right of Ghengis Khan if that’s true. Let me guess, you’re a big Andrew Bolt fan, right? And you don’t think the racism and sexism and sheer stupidity in these comments by Tony Abbott show him in a bad light? Really?

      And even if all these quotes were from left wing sources, why would that show any kind of bias at all? For one thing, if he said them, he said them. There’s no getting away from it, whoever cites him. For another, do you think his mates in the right wing media (and they own nearly all Australia’s media, remember) would be quoting things that made him look bad? Of course they wouldn’t.

    • FabulistJane says:

      Nothing? Seriously? That whole “men have the right to DEMAND sex” bit doesn’t leave a slightly foul taste? Pretty sure that says something about you, Sinoman. And it’s not a nice statement.

      • stu says:

        read the whole sentence before posting next time.
        he was saying we need to get away from the idea that men OR women have complete power when it comes to sex. in no way was he suggesting men have the right to demand sex

      • Edmund says:

        “just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated”
        Needs to be moderated… meaning that as it currently stands there is a predominant “idea that sex is a man’s right to demand”.

        A: i would really hope that this is not a predominant idea… i don’t know the of people everyone else here associates with… but in my experience, very few people see sex as a man’s right to demand. This in turn shows just how out of touch he is with the way real people construct societal values.
        B: If i am completely wrong and this is an idea that is promulgated by mainstream society and I’ve just missed it, it’s not something that needs to be moderated… it’s something that needs to be destroyed. A woman does not owe a man sex, even if they are married.
        If a man feels so strongly about his apparent need for sex that he see’s it as a requirement for a relationship and his partner does not want to participate, then maybe they should re-evaluate whether they are compatible personalities and should be in a relationship at all.

    • Sean says:

      You’re right, it’s not journalism, is a blog! The article expresses absolutely no opinion apart from the title. All of the links are verbatim and are facts. The only outlet that could be remotely considered left wing is The Age. All of the articles either directly quote Abbott or feature video of him making the statement himself. This is not a matter of contention and is simply irrefutable. Maybe you would like to explain to us the examples of cherry picking or which comments are ‘the view of the vast majority of thinking Australian people’.

    • benno says:

      It’s funny Sinoman, that if you change 2 words in your comment from Left to right, you encapsulate everything I despise about Liberal leaning types (they lean, I suppose, as they are too stupid to stand upright)

    • Michael Dowling says:

      What’s cowardly about quoting words spoken? Sinoman you are outing yourself as an unthinking compatriot of the conservative Right with an obvious hatred of things Left. Your values, doubtless are unquestionable. How about you post your own set of Abbottisms for everyone to ponder and abuse, if you’re game!

    • TJB says:

      oh aren’t we a smart one, the drivel you just posted is absolute garbage and you my friend have your head in the sand. You will always find the left orientated will give credit where it is due, unlike conservatives. Gillard is doing a reasonable job due to the circumstances. Liberals would be much better off having Turnbull as the leader, at least there would be credibility.

    • Fiona Harrington says:

      Oh dear Sinoman, do you even know who Tony Abbott is? Have you ever even seen one of his interviews and listened to his well thought out and obviously unbiased and honestly researched comments about woman, abortion, refugees, hard workers (the ones who keep this country running) and their rights, carbon tax, Indigenous folk and their culture (they must be pissed we “boat people” wouldn’t assimilate)? Hey are you Tony’s mum? I know, I know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit (and a sneaky way to point out the truth). Oh and I think politics and economics are intrinsically linked. The only idiots on this thread are the ones who can’t find a more appropriate word to use than idiot. Whoever is in power needs to educate our future generations on how to put forward a succinct argument without reducing the debate to name calling and non- evidenced, unproductive accusing. Facts are facts! Tony said what he did, no one else said them so how about his speech writer and other minions accept some responsibility for allowing him to speak for the whole party? Dear God pleeeease bring on the Greens so we can get some different aspects into this game we call “life in Australia”. Peace all x

    • truth says:

      Have you never known a family where the same parent is perceived differently by different siblings, according to what their individual expectations of the parent are—and it’s the same with employers.

      ‘Bad’ is an extraordinarily subjective description.

      In every human character, there are ‘bad’ and ‘good’ characteristics, and we all weigh them up and decide whether the ‘good’ outweighs the ‘bad’.

      Tony Abbott is merely expressing that everyday human exercise.

      • ReB says:

        I’m pretty sure every sibling would be in agreement about a parent that was drunk more often than not, was physically, verbally, emotionally and sexually abusive, even if s/he did have some ‘good’ qualities.

        Yes, ‘bad’ is a subjective description, but there is a point at which all subjects come into agreement.

        What about a boss who is verbally abusive, who cares nothing about the safety and welfare of his/her employees, who encourages and even participates in bullying and ‘hazing’ of junior employees, who ignores obviously dangerous situations, who abuses and even sacks (without pay) anyone who points out the danger, who consistently short-pays staff, who changes rosters from day to day without notice and who fails even the basic legal requirements of all employees – deducting and remitting PAYG tax, paying superannuation and maintaining worker’s compensation insurance? Please don’t tell me this employer is a good boss.

    • Andrew Mayzen says:

      Agree Totally. If not being a perfectly polished public speaker is the issue then there is no issue. There was nothing wrong with Howard /Costello and there will be nothing wrong with Abbott. Except the massive debt he will inherit from Krudd to pay off

  11. On the question of ‘lazy journalism’ I should let it be known that your fellow ‘castigator’ is a friend who was in good humour referring to a previous comment made on this blog [see: https://whatistherundude.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/10-tweets-from-an-organisation-that-julia-gillard-has-agreed-to-be-a-keynote-speaker-for/ ].

    To your comment, ‘I notice all but a couple of links are to Left wing media.’ I assume by Left wing media you are referring to the independent national broadcaster. Now I might accept the premise of your argument if I was reproducing quotes from ABC journalists or even opinion writers. But here’s the problem, they’re not. The sites linked here are transcripts of what Tony Abbott has said. Now I don’t know about you, but it’s more than a bit of a stretch to say that transcripts of interviews can have some kind of bias.

    As for whether this shows Tony Abbott in a bad light is irrelevant, to borrow your phrase, I have simply set out to aid people in their ‘search for truthful information’. The quotes are presented here with sources [or biased transcripts as you would have it] and I’m happy to accept them some people might believe that these kind of comments are becoming of a Prime Minister. Of course I’d disagree. I’m not sure it would be well advised for our head of state to be saying at the CSIRO that the work of their scientists was ‘complete crap’. But hey, that’s up to you.

    On the question of cherry picking I’m happy to accept the criticism, but you might like to look at your ‘compatriots’ on the Right before you begin criticising selective quoting. It would appear to a casual observer of Australian politics that one cherry picked quote has become the basis of their entire philosophy and policy structure (‘There will be no carbon tax under the government that I lead’).

    And as for whether this is the thinking of the majority of Australians, I can only hope that when Tony Abbott is defeated at the next federal election it will become clear that the Australian people don’t share his offensive, sexist, and at times homophobic beliefs. I, for one, am happy to make it easier for those people.


    • Emma says:


    • Ron says:

      Well argued Liam,

    • benno says:

      If this blog had a like button, I would have pressed it about halfway through the 2nd paragraph, then nearly broken my mouse button clicking it repeatedly for the rest of this post. Well said sir

    • Michael Dowling says:

      Well put Liam!

    • Ray Douglas says:

      Liam why don’t you give us a list of Julia’s past quotes. You can start with the one relating housewives to prostitutes. If you want to run a serious blog stop moderating away any viewpoint that doesn’t suit your leftest cause.

      • Fiona Harrington says:

        Ray please reproduce that comment Julia made. Was it along the lines of “housewives are treated as prostitutes?” I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. If that was the comment I can’t help but agree. Sorry x

    • truth says:


      The national broadcaster , Labor’s ABC, is populated completely by the Left—as are most of Australia’s institutions—-no conservatives at all !

      Many of them —past and present—have been people who worked for Labor as advisers, press secretaries and campaign managers etc, and then shifted over to continue their campaign work for the Left on a permanent basis , and with a far greater reach, in their cosy retirement home for Labor luvvies—where we’re all forced to pay up not only for their salaries, but for their campaign to get Labor into power—even those of us who believe Labor is toxic to Australia.

      As in Labor’s Union movement, via Labor’s ABC, Coalition voters are forced to fund Labor campaigns and propaganda.

      The transcripts you provide just serve to reveal the seething hatred of the ABC ‘journalists’ and most of the rest of the MSM for Tony Abbott, and the entrapment methods and corruption of democracy they’re willing to employ in order to attempt to turn the Australian people against him.

      We shouldn’t be surprised though, because they’re the same mob that flogs the fiction that Labor and Gillard have the credibility on education, when even a modicum of research would reveal to them that all of the failed schemes that were introduced after failing overseas —the schemes that have crippled the education of Australian children since the early 70s—crippled them for life—-are Leftist schemes introduced by Left wing academics—deployed by Left wing bureaucrats—put into practice by Left wing education unions and their [ many of them] Left wing teachers—-no matter which side was in power.

      Now Labor’s MSM groupies are fraudulently—corruptly—preparing to give the Labor arsonists credit for attempts to put out that Labor fire.

      They’re also the same mob that flogs the fiction of CAGW, and manages the news to try to suppress any information that might puncture the brainwashing bubble they have many Australians trapped in.

      TA said nothing about CSIRO scientists’ work —he just told the truth about the climate change propaganda at the time—and do we presume [ I guess we do] that you think this is more of a disqualifier for office than a person in Gillard, who gets law-abiding journalists sacked, simply because they want Australians to know the truth about her connection to the fraud and money-laundering operation run by her former lover—while she wants that former married lover of hers to be above the law —to get away scot free with his loot, because to bring him to book might demonstrate her own contempt for the laws of Australia.

      Australia is one of the most law-abiding populations on earth.

      Why should we have running our precious country, a person who is less than us—a person who is dodging scrutiny of her work as a lawyer , and in order to dodge it, demands that her former lover’s law-breaking go unpunished??

      And there’s nothing ‘cherry-picked’ about the carbon tax quote.

      She said it to gain power—and she very deliberately reneged on it when she found she had to buy her way into power via the Greens.

      She had a choice—keep faith with the Australian people—-or betray them for her own personal power .

      She chose to betray the Australian people—but even as she did it she knew the betrayal wasn’t necessary, because she knew the Greens were never going to side with the Coalition—almost certainly indicating that right back in the election 2010 campaign, independently of the Greens— while she was giving the bogus assurances —-she secretly intended to betray the Australian people on a carbon tax.

      • joshua says:

        John Howard also said ‘never ever’ to a GST. All politicians lie in the sense that they will chase the wind of public opinion and reverse positions if it suits them politically. Johnny also created the ‘core or non core’ promise. They are all opportunists

  12. Paul says:

    I like pix with words, so I took all your quotes and made this: http://tonyabbottsays.tumblr.com/ Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. keepingitreal says:

    some of these quotes are up to 30 years old…
    despite disliking the guy and his politics, i can’t hold him accountable now at 50-something for things he said as a 21 year old. oh the things i said as a 21 year old leftie revoluntary lol.

    • For transparency, the quote in question is number five and I’m not hiding the fact that it was over 30 years old. However, I’d argue that it is worth including because it helps to inform and give background to the other 15 quotes included in this article which he has made in the past ten years. During this time he has been a Minister in the Howard Government and the leader of the Opposition and I definitely believe that these comments remain relevant to whether he should be PM.


      • Fiona Harrington says:

        Yes his comments are absolutely are relevant Liam. This is a man who wants to make decisions on my career, my values, my rights, my family, my clients (the most marginalised in our society) AND my sex life. Really? I have a right to know who this guy is. This man who wants me to vote for him. If you don’t post these comments it takes away my right as an Australian to educate myself. Keep posting guys cause I need to know and rarely catch all his statements. Cheers x

    • CJ says:

      Aren’t we holding Gillard responsible for things she said and did 20 years ago?

      • Sandy says:

        Nah! Julia was just “young and naive.”

      • Despina says:

        Gillard is constantly having muck raked up from her past! Don’t you watch the news?
        But if you want to try to dig up some quotes that show her in a bad light, go right ahead, it’s a free country. For now.

      • truth says:

        There’s a massive difference, CJ, between opinions expressed by one person 20 or 10 years ago in a supposedly free speech society—opinions that have nothing to do with law-breaking by anyone—and on the other hand, the actions 20 years ago by another person—a lawyer now running this country—in connection to a fraud and money-laundering operation run by her lover at the time—especially as she is demanding by her actions right now, that her former lover’s alleged law-breaking go uninvestigated and unpunished.

        Her attitude is an effective demand that her former lover [ and possibly herself] be placed above the law—one law for them and a different one for all the rest of us—and that he should keep the stolen money.

        The people she demands punishment for , are the law-abiding journalists who sought to bring the truth to the Australian people.

        They had to lose their jobs, and their families had to suffer damage in order that her connection to that law-breaking be covered up, and the Australian people be kept in the dark.

        The offences in question are not subject to Statute of Limitations.

    • Rick Facer says:

      he however is quite happy to crucify gillard with 20 year old issues that have already been flogged to death

  14. Murasaki says:

    Should be shared, shared and double shared. As well as the reality ignored by the right wing media – which is anything owned by them really rich duudes, that we are actually doing amazingly well economically given the current global climate. Labor at the moment is probably the furthest (?) farthest (?) (need coffee) RIGHT of centre they’ve ever been!
    Maybe some of the posters here should move to the US and see how its going for them, but since they now have a health system that will help poor people its probably a bit too Bolshy for some and they might consider Taliban occupied areas of Afghanistan where Tony’s policies would fit in perfect. You can rape your wife much as you like there!!!! Yeeehhhhaaaaa!

    • Michael Dowling says:

      Well said, Murasaki.

    • Maree says:

      This is disgusting drivel and if this is the mentality of those who would vote for labour then I hope they are not re-elected. If you think raping a woman is something to go yeeehhhaaaa about then maybe you should move to Afghanistan.

      • Emz says:

        Ummmm….. I think that was a sarcastic yeeaaaa about wife raping. As in tony’s policies would do well in a country where that kind of stuff happens, not here. Well that’s how I interpreted it, could be wrong though.

      • Fiona Harrington says:

        Maree, I think you missed the point here. Murasaki was being sarcastic (something I understand) and was simply exaggerating a statement Tony Abbott made. You know Tony? The guy running for PM? The Tony who said woman should moderate their behaviour around withholding sex? Yep that Tony. Peace Maree x

      • truth says:

        Are really completely unable to comprehend that TA is saying in that comment, that both the withholding and the demanding are wrong——or is it that you’re just pretending , in order to be able to defame Abbott??

        I think we can see your disreputable agenda , when we see you justify Murasaki ‘s disgusting and deliberate misrepresentation of TA’s comment, as a policy for wife-raping—as ‘being sarcastic [something I understand’.

        You do reveal yourself—as do the rest of the Left—-and what we see is a moral vacuum that’s toxic to this country.

  15. James says:

    What’s wrong with number 2?

  16. pam says:

    Number 3 is scary. I suggest he spend some time with child services and domestic violence agencies to see just what bad husbands and bad fathers can be like.
    And before anyone points out mothers and wives can be awful too, of course they can. But Abbott’s quote only references men.

    • Fiona Harrington says:

      Pam I work with many DV clients and have been in a DV relationship myself (if you can call it that, a relationship I mean) and you are so right. From the point of view of the abused (I refuse to be a victim) there is way more HARM than good done by these men. To me Tony is just sprouting the same statements as the abusers do. I hear it everyday x

  17. jessie says:

    Anyone still falling for the left-right political divide lacks simple reasoning skills.

    They’re both as bad as each other, just in different ways.

    • Rick says:

      PERHAPS THE ONLY SENSIBLE COMMENT ON THIS PAGE. Leaving the greens out of things, I simply refuse to believe that there are only two possible points of view on any given topic. Or that two supposedly intelligent groups of people must disagree on EVERYTHING. Oh, and if Abbot and Gillard are the two best alternatives we can come up with, then god help us.

  18. Belinda says:

    Quote number 8 made me laugh the loudest. I think Abbott knows that is the only way he is going to win an election against Ms Gillard. He feels threatened by women.

  19. Australia…. be warned… & scared!!

    • truth says:

      Scared at the prospect of Labor getting back in , I presume, Dawn??

      I couldn’t agree more that Australia can’t afford to allow Labor to do any more damage—especially on education and the squandering of the fruits of the once in a lifetime commodities boom.

  20. matt says:

    “There will be no Carbon tax under a government I lead”
    Union Lawyer, childless, never run a business, fabian socialist or a father of 3, rhodes scholar. Hmm I wonder

    • jesswana says:

      Matt, am I understanding you correctly? Are you saying that not having a child has influence on a person’s ability to govern? Please advise what you mean by your comment. Also, the ‘never run a business’ part, what does that refer to?

      • Rick says:

        It’s better to remain silent and appear ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Having raised 3 kids DOES give one a broader perspective, like it or not. Australia is the biggest business in this country. Do you think BHP or RIO TINTO or even MICROSOFT would give the managing director’s job to a totally inexperienced person. Why is that hard to understand.

      • jesswana says:

        Hi Rick, having children does not give you a broader perspective. At best one might argue that it gives you a different perspective. As a Catholic, Tony A himself takes moral, ethical and spiritual guidance from a man who is almost definitely childless. A survey of Tony A’s opinions and actions indicate his perspective is not particularly broad or inclusive or ironically (small ‘c’) catholic. Also as far as the business/ experience comments. Can you perhaps enlighten us as to Tony A’s business experience?

      • SS says:


        Judging by Abbotts comments he didnt raise his kids, his wife did it while he was out doing what men do his wife was at home ironing and raising the kids as Abbott has told the women of Australia should be doing, demanding his “right” to sex doesnt make him a father, thanks for removing all doubt

    • evergreen says:

      I just love that your criteria for what makes a good PM has nothing at all to do with their policy direction. Voting for a party based on the number of children their leader has… why don’t we judge them based on their favourite TV show instead? I’m sure that would be a great foundation for our democracy.

    • Despina says:

      I’m sorry, but unless it includes items such as “war criminal”, “baby-eater”, or “psychopath”, a list of attributes is pretty meaningless. The childless jibe is particularly confusing to me as to relevance. Stanley Bruce, the eighth PM, had no children. Chris Watson, the third PM, had no children prior to being in office. James Scullin, the ninth PM, had no children. Ben Chifley, 16th PM, had no children. John McEwen, the 18th PM, no only had no children, he was also unmarried at the time he was sworn into office (he was a widower).

      So can we all get over that particular chestnut now? Please? It’s just embarrassing to share the same air with people who perpetuate such bizarrely misogynistic views.

      (On a side note, Abbott has never run a business either.)

      • Lee says:

        We shouldn’t forget that Abbott has stated he has no real interest in economics either, I would have thought economics might be of some assistance to him given his aspirations 🙂

    • Ruth Brown says:

      “Rhodes scholar” – not sure how that qualifies anyone to govern. A person who does well enough at University to get singled out for extra honours just proves he’s good at study. It bears no relationship to any ability on the real world. I’d rather have someone who’s lived in real life than someone who’s only learned about it in a book.

      • truth says:

        If you check, Ruth, you’ll find that Tony Abbott has infinitely more real life—real world–experience than does Julia Gillard and much of her team.

    • Eileen says:

      Matt, after the last election both Abbott and Gillard had extensive negotiations with the greens and Independents. It was only after these discussions that a government could have been formed, due to the hung parliament.
      IF Abbott had succeeded in talking the greens and Independents into supporting him, then HE would have had to introduce the carbon tax. There would have been no way around it.

      • Ray Douglas says:

        149 0f the 150 members of the house of reps west to the last election promising no carbon tax.Gillard was prepared to sell her soul for power and she eventually did.

  21. Cris says:

    I agree with him on number 16! Roxon and her ASIO spy powers agenda is bad news for this country. And now she’s embroiled in the Gillard – Slater and Gordon slush fund scandal.

  22. Chig says:

    Alright Pam, we get it! Men are evil.

    • Netski says:

      Pam never said men were evil. Don’t do that. Trying to discredit a woman’s argument by insinuating she is a man-hater is really cheap and old.

      • Ray Douglas says:

        Buts its OK to accuse a happily married man with 3 daughters of being a woman hater and your fine with that Netski.

      • Sam says:

        Douglas. What is the difference between misogyny and woman-hating? In any case, at the very least, Abbott considers women to be inferior to men. Do Abbott’s comments not suggest this to you?

      • truth says:

        Not in any way, Sam—just different.

        TA employs more women in powerful jobs in his office than does any other member of parliament—and always has.

        The hallmark of the Left wing anti-Abbott campaign is rancid, willful ignorance.

        Ignorant and uninformed is how Labor wants you to be—in fact they need Australians to be ignorant and crippled in their thinking processes like they need oxygen to breathe.

        Only with a critical mass of uninformed lemmings, impervious to rational thought, but receptive to malevolent suggestion—– can propagandists prevail.

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  24. marty mitchell says:

    Well I will vote for him because I dont want to live under a Socialist Government as we are now!

    • Michael Dowling says:

      Marty your government will still provide all sorts of social services here, even under (hate to utter the words) an Abbott government. Abbott has committed to even more socialist spending for middle class and rich women who want to stay home and have babies. You might have to move to a right wing regime like Russia or Iran for comfort!

    • Netski says:

      What aspects of our ‘socialist government’ do you have a problem with? Is it subsidised healthcare ? Free Schooling? Centrelink assistance to those in need? Do you honestly think our country would be better off without these things? What do you think our taxes should be spent on?

  25. Jess C-R says:

    I don’t subscribe to one side or the other of politics at this point in time. I don’t agree with how much effort and energy goes into the “game” of politics. There is very little unbiased, factual information about any of the parties leading up to any election (promises are stupid and nearly always bullshit). For an Australian voter who’s beliefs and values are challenged by Tony Abbott, these quotes are informative. I’m sure there are equally as many quotes on the other side (not of the same nature, but that oppose someone’s beliefs and values).
    Personally as a youth worker who works in the community sector, I do not like Abbott and his views, beliefs and values. He doesn’t value people the way I do and therefore I am opposed to his political stance.
    I hope that the people who post from here on can keep from personal attacks (on people posting or Abbott or other politicians). This just shows how your values and belifs for what they are.
    Let’s have some constructive conversations happen around politics. More apathetic people might get involved.

    • Matty says:

      Nicely said, from one of those apathetic people. So sick of the he said she said. I f we truly want change, and we desperately need it, in our society then we need involved conversation. Not just petty bickering and abuse. Unfortunately that is what we have, and we get closer to the US election style every day.

    • Lesley W says:

      And wouldn’t it be nice if both sides of the political spectrum actually worked together for the betterment of our country instead of resorting to snide and crass comments. They waste our time and money behaving badly and blocking decent legislation that might help our country!

  26. jimmy says:

    Liam… Thankyou

  27. mrBrennan says:

    Reblogged this on Mr Brennan's Blog and commented:
    I’m not a huge fan of Gillard, but this bloke makes her look wonderful. And she’s NOT wonderful. If only there was a third option…

    • InformYourself says:

      There is a third option! In fact there are over sixty parties that you can vote for. The media and our current leaders/opposition continue to perpetuate the “two-horse-race” view regarding Australian federal (and state) politics, to their extreme benefit. Your vote counts wherever you place it, whether or not it is for either of the two “preferred” parties. Read the policies of the parties who cannot afford or do not feel the need to badger is with their expensive and privately funded media campaigns. It is our responsibility to make an informed choice.

  28. Pablo says:

    If all our politicians were lying on the ground end to end, the only conclusion(difference) to normal practice would be that they were prone and it would be a little more difficult to fabricate, falsify, make-believe, forge, perjure, mask, cloak, veil,masquerade, deceive and display true dishonesty, mendacity and surreptitiousness…..to name but a few qualities…!

  29. Chris says:

    This is the only reason Julia won the election- a simple choice of puppet or dumb

  30. Ambient_Malice says:

    I notice how being anti-abortion apparently makes him ‘ignorant’, and saying that men shouldn’t be able to demand sex makes him what? A rape apologist? *sigh*

    Oh, yes. And I’m sure my mother agrees with him about ironing costs. After all, in the real world, it is mothers who do ironing whether yuppies like it or not.

    • Lee says:

      Let me guess, she’s doing YOUR ironing isn’t she? By the way, I’m a mother & my child was brought up to shoulder & share responsibilities when it comes to housework. Times have changed in case you hadn’t noticed & if your Mother is working as well as shouldering the vast majority of household chores then shame on you!

    • Nixxy says:

      Love how you ignored all the other ridiculous, bigoted, hateful things he said. And by the way – implying that absolutely witholding sex is something that ought to be moderated? Yes, that does make him a rape apologist. And a body fascist.

      • truth says:

        Nixxy ….

        Were you completely incapable of getting through the whole sentence—or did it just suit your agenda to truncate it and go with that ?

        The point he made was that both the withholding and the demanding of sex were equally unacceptable.

        No doubt you were equally selective when drawing your vacuous conclusions on the rest of the comments as well—how convenient for you .

  31. BH says:

    Ambient_Malice – it is not just the mothers who do the ironing in the real world, in my experience anyhow. The world is changing!! To relegate women to ‘in the real world this is how it happens’ further disempowers them and further empowers selfish, misogynistic choices.
    Men should NOT be able to demand sex. Simple. If the other party is coerced or forced (physically or emotionally) then IT IS sexual abuse!! Goes the same way for women demanding sex. No one has a right to demand anything of that nature from someone else. Sexual abuse is about an imbalance of power.

    • Leigh says:

      I think people are well within their rights to demand whatever they want in a relationship; the other person can always refuse. Sure, if your relationship gets to the point where you need to demand things like sex then it’s probably not a great relationship to begin with. I think what Mr. Abbott was implying is that in any relationship there needs to be give and take and sometimes we need to do things that we are not particularly keen on to keep our partner happy and keep the relationship healthy – cleaning the toilet, driving the kids to school, having sex, etc. A person is well within their rights to refuse to do what their partner asks of them but need to accept that their are consequences, e.g. relationship breakdown.

      • Netski says:

        ‘I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak’
        Ok, Sounds to me that what he is implying is women shouldn’t have the right to say no to sex. Like, yeah, men shouldn’t be allowed to demand sex, but when they do, women should have to give it to them… !!! The Idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold should be moderated. How can you not have a problem with a potential Prime Minister having a view like that??

      • Nixxy says:

        Relationships are different for everyone, and sex is different for everyone. If someone is coerced or forced into sex, that’s rape, and the only say any politican should have on the matter is how long we put them in jail for, and if we cut their junk off.

      • Dom TJ says:

        How typical of the conservative mindset that you compare having sex to cleaning a toilet. I’ll point out that everyone engaging in apologetics for Abbott here seems to gloss over the fact that he clearly states there is no right to withhold sex, in addition to stating that there is no right to demand it. You state above that “the other person can always refuse.” No, not according to Abbott’s quoted words.

      • i don’t force my partner to have sex. if she doesn’t want to it’s actually not sex, it’s rape. no one has the right to “demand” sex, sex isn’t anyone’s “right” at all.. theres two people in the arrangement (because of course no masturbating, tony’s a catholic. *snort) and the sex needs to be agreed on by both people not demanded co-erced or forced. simply as.

  32. Jim calder says:

    Most of the quotes are quite reasonable and I can only see them helping his cause to be prime minister. Anybody who takes of fence at anything in these quotes is just looking to find fault. They display a reasonable well thought out attitude and I for one would be glad to have a prime minister who had such attitudes

    • Robin says:

      I’m hoping that your just trolling… If not, you are everything that is wrong with this planet.

      • Leigh says:

        Robin, I think there are quite a lot of people in the world who would think that what Mr. Abbott says and believes is reasonable – myself included. A recent Nielsen poll suggested that 45% of the population preferred Mr. Abbott as prime minister.

      • Noramary says:

        hahahaha You got that right! 🙂

      • Noramary says:

        hahahaha you got that right

    • Fiona Harrington says:

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. You are kidding aren’t you Jim?

      • bruce says:

        What a load of crap Leigh, every poll shows Gillard ahead of Abbott as preferred PM , and Liberal ahead of Labor. If the Libs had a decent leader, they would romp it home. And Jim, where are you taking your fence to?

  33. Andtea Henschke says:

    Am embarrased by every quote. And this man wants to lead this country, if he does im leaving. Hes an idiot

    • Leigh says:

      Andtea, your statement that Mr. Abbott is an idiot would have a lot more weight if you were able to construct a sentence using proper grammar.

  34. abhuxley says:

    He makes a good case against himself.

  35. bill says:

    As a 3rd generation lib voter i fear that my long term support has all but diminished after this weeks lame display by Abott.. He cant be bothered with facts. The last time i was this ashamed to be a liberal was the children overboard scandle.

  36. Aunty Quack says:

    Who says that all Australians are dumb drunk and racist? I’ve found the posts above to be frequently well written, cogent and often well argued, one way or another. Well done folks… although we could probably be a little more polite to each other. Personally don’t agree with the guy’s views on anything and am tired of his negative, uncompromising and scare mongering tactics. Howard used fear to win elections too….shamefully successful approach, but neither of them will ever have my vote. Cheers intelligent folks.

    • Michael Dowling says:

      I agree with Aunty Quack on the level of thoughtful and polite discourse shown here. So what for a few typos? The key issues are that Abbott has shown himself incapable of anything other than negative carping, misogynistic, out-dated, homophobic, hateful and shallow thinking and is totally interested in power for power’s sake.

  37. Ty says:

    Actually Gillard has shown an unforgiving sexism in the shape of a very public “misandry”- (female hating men, hating males in traditional male roles) against Rudd and Assange.
    Rudd,her former boss, being very successful,that was obviously enough to inspire envy: because he had everything she wanted, thought she could imitate easily(clearly failed) and she still will never, ever, have- a landslide election win-and she would do anything to get it, play conservative, politically correct, connive a version of – be pro-USA cheerleader just to get her way to the top….
    And SHE complains about the “americanisation of politics” HAHAHA!
    is she that thick? She’s a big part of THAT.
    Gillard couldn’t have been more dismissive of someone who gave her a chance.
    PrettyUgly Disgusting Lack of Ethics.
    She thinks it’s ok to take at face value that Assange is a r__ist and condemn him- that is blatant public misandry that relies on using not only humiliation,but an abuse of her power to align him as a monster and herself, as part of a sisterhood “we love a sunburnt prime minister” , who she also assumes, agrees with her unbalanced CIA enhanced “all men accussed are r__ists” .
    “all accused from my mouth are participating in illegal activity”.
    What a unbiased lawyer she must have been.;) !!
    Yes,Facts and evidence are short on the ground, we need Facts not opinion, lady.
    Gillard wont call out real proven rapists/abusers/murderers in a proper community issue and go about changing laws to protect women and children -OH No.
    We all might not be able to say “she has a big arse” because it’s pc-offensive but then it’s not -too offensive-like saying “she is the worst prime minister in australia’s history” may be , but she can do these public judgements against worthy men, arrogantly inflated with her power and think this makes her look ‘normal’- but it’s the old shoulder pads feminism-style and no substance.
    What about this:
    “The PM had clearly thought the mainstream media would not respond to what she later said was an appalling and sexist campaign being waged on the internet, including by old cartoonist and conspiracy theorist Larry Pickering”
    So SHE CANNOT TAKE THE HEAT, relies on the “someone is being horrible to me” line.
    I mean, Pickering has been doing this for Years. Suck it UP Gillard. You are in Politics, Everyone is entitled to disagree, and agree to disagree. For f**ks sake.
    For Demoratic’s sake. This is NOT China.
    It really isn’t Feminist to pout and sulk,as a first line of defence! The second mots powerful women in Australia! ( Vagina Rineheart No.1) calling Pickering part of the lunar right and calling the l.r and internet full of nutjobs. Like forcing chaplaincy (next.gen pedos) within all children’s education despite being High Court ruled as ‘Illegal” is a “sane” decision…!
    Well Gillard should know about nutjobs.
    “if you stand for nothing julia you fall for everything”
    We know you fall for everything. F A I L.

  38. Peter Rover says:

    Tony if this is your take on running this Great Country look out fellow Australians we are in for distructions

  39. Mike says:

    What gets me is that the general public are so conditioned to the two party system that it seems perfectly normal to passively support a particular party’s candidate simply because they disagree with the alternative….. Now to those who had to think about that statement, sorry, I hope blowing your mind didn’t hurt. “what’s that you self righteous would-be political satirist? You think you blew my mind?”. Well I’m sorry, I just assumed that if you had realised that you actually have a say as to who leads these parties in the first place, you may have DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT ALREADY. *edit* I just realised that requires a functional democracy. Please make an effort to ignore this (donkey-voting) writer’s input. Thank you

    • Berserker says:

      It’s a “Solvent” strategy it’s been used for centuries, commonly called divide and conquer. Basically it’s a strategy used to break up the local cohesive cultural glue of groups into oppositions, so the elite can protect what they have and get more of what they want.

    • Brett L says:

      I agree, our current political structure has deviated so far from democracy as to be something entirely different. As to what that is, I don’t know enough about politics to say.

      How do we make democracy work again with a largely apathetic public? We have been conditioned to only see the shallow side of politics. I can’t decide if this is by clever and devious design, or if politicians are simply taking advantage of an increasingly disinterested population. Or maybe they are just shallow minded. I don’t like any of those options.

      I feel like we need a revolution. Tear the whole system down, government, media, all must go. Then start again, reinstall a fresh copy of democracy. The how is where I’m stuck though. I have little knowledge. I’m just one person. Wether I submit a legitimate vote or not makes no difference, either way feels like beating my fists against a stone tower in the hope that it will fall.

      I don’t think my generation will fix this. It will be up to the next generation to clean up the mess.

  40. Can we organise some collective action and start an online petition on change.org or Avaaz.org to get a better representation of all those who do not want Tony Abbott as a politician. We could be very persuasive with our writing and include (1) examples of quotes like this (2) bad decisions made and (3) any other reasons we together can come up with.

    We SHOULD do it 🙂

    Anthony 🙂

  41. Anita Quinn says:

    Vote 1 Leigh Sales

  42. Kamikaze Chicken says:


    for example, number 6 is about the balance of god and women, it is a paraphrasing from a renowned (and recently deceased) psychologist named Ron Conway.

  43. Edmund says:

    As somebody stated earlier, when the Right shifts even further to the right, those near the centre suddenly become the ‘left wingers’… as if it’s some kind of insult to have a rounded view on issues rather than praying to the god of Neo-conservatism and
    Laissez-faire Capitalism.

    This man is a bigoted fool who’s extreme conservatism even Malcolm Fraser has condemned on occasions.

    He is an economical idiot, he is a social dinosaur and he is a misogynist pig.
    His comments that

    “I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak”

    sicken me not only as a passionate supporter of women’s rights, but also as a rational Male… the idea that any man would honestly think he is ENTITLED to ANYTHING from someone simply because they are female disgusts me to the point of anger.

    And for the record, the Labor party has not “destroyed the nations economy” with it’s spending over the last 5 years, if you take the time to look at every other developed nation in the world… you’ll actually find that Australia owes an incredibly small amount of debt and has an economy that is the envie of many western nation.

    And do you know why? The stimulus packages… those economic initiatives that the Liberal party condemn as waste…
    The Rudd government (I’m sorry to all the Gillard supporters in here but this was an initiative of the Rudd government) understood Keynesian economics.

    In times of prosperity the government should turn a surplus and allow the economy to run freely so that in times of economic slowdown the government has the resources it needs in order to stimulate the economy and avoid the “boom and bust” economic cycle of Laissez-faire Capitalism (before i get flamed, i know this is an exceptionally simplistic explanation of Keynesian economics, but for now it will have to do).

    The Labor party is by no means perfect, they have adopted allot of policies, particularly over the last two years that i strongly disagree with; but they’re a whole lot better than the alternative.

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  45. Geoff says:

    Just a reply regarding the so called red headed idiot as opposed to what the budgie smuggling idiot! In fact I’ve christened him the roads scholar, he is always waring a high Viz vest and a hard hat, the only thing missing is the stop go sign. Any association he has with the Rhodes Scholarship is purely coincidental

  46. Geoff says:

    apologies to the road workers they’re not that stupid

  47. Isabella Doring says:

    Not much to say except for, the MORON suffers from” LITTLE MAN SYNDROME”. HA HA HA !!!!!

  48. Big Nats says:

    I thought the quotes were funny but the comments that followed are hilarious. To all the Tony Abbott fans who were offended by the quotes or the responses please …. get a life. Please understand that there are a significant number of people in Australia that do not like Tony and think he will be an abject failure as a political leader… I voted Lib last two elections and I won’t be voting for Tony in the next! He will be an international embarrassment – as far as I am concerned.

    Bring back Malcolm Turnbull…. now HIM I’d vote for….

    As an economist (yes, some of us are still proud enough to admit it) I have thoroughly enjoyed the shallow commentary

    Remember… everyone is entitled to their opinion and they don’t have to agree with you…

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  50. Berserker says:

    The more I read about Tony Abbott the more I like him. It’s inevitable social conservatism is coming back, even Labor and Gillard agree, as they bring in Howard lite policy to try and appease the masses.

    Keep up the good fight, anything it takes, and fight as dirty as possible.

    Worked wonders in the Queensland election. 🙂

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  53. Kesh says:

    As a recent migrant into Australia 4 years ago, I’m still learning the ropes of Australian politics. For what my 2 cents is worth, my own observations thus far:
    1. Tony Abbott seems to spend the majority of time that he allows air to pass his vocal chords, to dish out abuse and rants against opposition party politicians rather than actually explaining any of his policies – yes Gilard said no to carbon pricing, yes she “lied”, but get over it – rather than telling us what he proposes to do to improve the politico-economical and social situations in Australia – all I hear is blah-blah-blah – shut your cake hole Abbott
    2. Malcolm Turnbull – I vaguely recall he was in for the running of Liberal leader – what happened there – only because, each time I’ve heard him speak, he at least tries to give reasons and political based reasoning behind his arguments – rather than “I hate Gillard”, “Gillard is a liar” “whine whine whine” – cf Abbott
    3. As far as Australia surviving the GFC and unemployment being down – and please correct me if I’m wrong – the main reason Australia survived was because of the minerals – the rest of Australia has worsening economic climates and increasing social injustice – now granted it may not be as bad here as the euro crisis zone, or other nations – but from my understanding, many ordinary Australians don’t believe they’ve “survived” the recession – look at QLD, where so many frontline civil servant jobs have gone, the health system is in crisis (and don’t get me started on ol’ mate who stole a few $billion from the health system and getting away with it for so long!) – the pay debacle for QLD health workers, – in Victoria – the nurses union going on strike – rural Fire-ies getting services cut – so to say that Australia did well during the GFC seems a bit far fetched. 
    4. I have to say – i don’t like Gillard – I think her PM question time debating skills lack, she’s not shown herself to be a strong leader – and she irritates me! That said – Abbott is a numpty so automatically she looks good – 2 people for labour I would rate though are Tanya Plibersek and Penny Wong 
    5. Media outlets here seem to be SO overwhelmed by Murdoch-minded sources – its quite difficult to keep abreast of what’s fact and what’s propaganda-driven – as far as I can ascertain, abc provides potentially the closest one can get to decent journalism? Coming from UK where particular now with digital tv so widespread and a huge number of online news journals to access – it seems to be more difficult for the average Australian to not get sucked into the extremes of centre drivel that is shown on mainstream tv and newspapers

    Disclaimer – These are my own personal views and observations from a snap shot of Australian politics of the past 4 years or so – now I am settling in Australia – so I don’t hate it here (far from it) – but as a politics enthusiast, I wanted to give my view especially coming from UK (where it isn’t that much different! But u have to know the “characters!”). Also, as a general rule – I dislike Labour-ite policies.
    Any comments (or advice for sources of information) would be much welcomed!

    Oh and finally, regarding this post – given what little I already know and have heard from Abbott’s mouth – even as a non-labour person -if I could vote, I’d still never vote for that sexist, fascist, racist bigot so long as he’s in charge of the coalition! (well it’s almost not right to end a political comment without any controversial statements!)

    • benno says:

      you have a better understanding of Australian politics than the vast majority of people born in this country. Well done for educating yourself more than many people who (unfortunately) have a say on polling day. I disagree with some very minor points, but overall, well done.

  54. Ammo says:

    Tony Abbott- Is the George Bush Jnr of Australia, Do Not Be Fooled, he will have his foot in his mouth every time he represents us overseas, and REALLY do you think this numnut could possibly ever run any country let alone this one. Wake up whats happening in queensland in regard to massive job cuts thanks to our new liberal leader Campbell Newman is only the tip of the iceberg for australians everywhere.
    Also any man that stands in front of a sign on national t.v. that say’s ‘Burn the witch” claiming he had nothing to do with it, than trying to tell us he has respect for woman is a Liar and more to the point a fool, if he think’s the australian public- and woman in particular will buy his bullshit, no amount of trotting “Margie” out to do the rounds and show what a great guy he is will ever make me fall for this tripe, I’m fast going off Liberals with the likes of fat captilist pigs like Clive Palmer, Gina Rhinehart and archaic puppets like Tony Abbott.

    • Kate says:

      It is now November 2014 and the above comments by TRUTH have all been proven as LIES in hindsight! Abbott has turned out to be the despicable, uneducated, uncultured BOGAN that we all know and despise! His appalling foot-in-mouth parochial comments at the G20 have made Australia an international laughing stock! History has judged Gillard kindly and Whitlam is a hero .. which is something Abbott will NEVER be. Abbott has turned out to be the psychopathic, serial LIAR that all us “Lefties” knew he would be. The above idiot, TRUTH was WRONG, dead WRONG about everything he said about the loathsome, revolting mongrel, Abbott and his totally inept, misanthropic government .. the most internationally despised, condemned and scorned government in our history. Now Hockey has DOUBLED OUR DEFICIT, Abbott in only 12 short months has vandalised our environment, stomped on our democracy, muzzled our free speech and is so far up Murdoch’s arse, he can’t see daylight! Under Gillard, Australia had the third lowest debt in the world and was the ONLY western country to escape the Global Financial Crisis! Now Abbott and his knuckle dragging NEANDERTHALS have dragged Australia back 50 years with their ridiculous stance on climate change which goes against EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN WORLD!!! “Truth” are you out there? How’s it working for ya, pal? You idiot!

  55. When righties call Julia a liar they point to the Carbon Price, Really? and what else…
    It seems all Tony ever does is lie about the Carbon Price, daily.

  56. These quotes need citations. You know what the Rightwing are like — they’ll accuse you of making them up, asserting that you’re lying, editing or misleading your readers. But by providing the citations, there is undeniable proof that they are true, and that he really did say what he meant and meant what he said.

  57. James Doogle says:

    I didn’t know much about Tony Abbott before reading them, but some seem quite reasonable.

    They seem like the type of reasonable quote which is then blown out of context.

    That said I’m not a Liberals supporter, I’m also not rabidly trying to tear him down for opening his mouth.

  58. Linda says:

    I Think Im in Love with Tony Abbott!!

  59. The first few were reasonable, but the rest is ridiculous. It isn’t fair, I don’t WANT another labor government, they’ve sent most of their time fighting amongst themselves, and LOSING.
    Linda, I’m sorry your time machine broke, or you got trapped in the cryogenic freezing tube, but those views are really not appropriate anymore, and they haven’t been for 70 or 80 years

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  61. Bev widdison says:

    Thank you I needed to read this to remind me of the real problem of forgetfulness in the Aus, media, A great Blogg more can be added though.

  62. Ben says:

    Number 9 is not totally right. Left wing bore in my opinion. Labor got it wrong on asylums. Sexism is smear. He is hardly religious. I could go on …

  63. triz says:

    number 9 is hilarious but its really not that funny, it made me crack up but that day was the only day i didnt laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

  64. christian pilcher says:

    i think this is hilarious but some of them arent right

  65. Graeme says:

    All I can say to the nitpickers is: Weapons of Mass Destruction and Children Overboard.

  66. Trish says:

    I just love biased journalism. What wasted effort this was. Guliar makes me ashamed to be a woman.

  67. JACK says:

    to be fair, he’s a complete doucher man….unfortunately, so are most of the people who posted these comments.

    the quotes from tony abbott are pretty badly out of context and unfortunately rely on the same tactics as the libs use to slander roxon and gillard themselves………….sigh.

    the guy is a complete twat. i wish you pinkoes would attack him in a legitimate way rather than just assume he’s some wifebeating cunt. there’s room for legitimate disses on abbott, you guys just don’t have the sack for it.


  68. Steve Boyce says:

    To be fair, these quotes were probably unscripted.

    Yes, I’m being sarcastic – but the man said it of himself.

  69. AsGrayAsGray says:

    Nice list. The comments make for some interesting reading also.
    Call me naive, but I just can’t quite grasp why anyone would visit this post and then comment in defence of a slightly retarded, emotionally deluded, megalomaniac.
    Surely there are conservative-leaning idol-adulation services available elsewhere?

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  71. Well, actually, the big ears are a bit of a problem. He got them from doing too much boxing Which might mean his brain is damaged physically – which might account for his lack of emotional control. Just sayin;.

  72. I really like what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever
    work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

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  74. con b says:

    tony abbott, the Liberals and the Media are all a bunch of c*nts

  75. Dawn says:

    I feel that we should be voting for the Party policies not the figure head – although it is difficult sometimes to look past them and their sometimes inappropriate comments – and I don’t think any unconstructive negativity is helping anyone – let’s work together for a better Australia – I still call Australia home – and please don’t swear – ta.

  76. Gundam Master says:

    Should put a Gundam in charge.

  77. TM says:

    just to correct one point above, the Prime Minister is not our Head of State. That would be the Governor-General

  78. Basil says:

    Considering number 14 as a negative quote shows the perverted guilt ridden pathology of leftists.

  79. Coslopus says:

    The comments make me slightly sadder than the quotes.

  80. jessmittens says:

    Not sure if someone else has said it because of all the comments but I love that he says that a bad boss is like a good husband….
    Because at least that bad husband has married someone, right Tony?

  81. jessmittens says:

    Reblogged this on Mitten's Kittens and commented:
    Oh Tony, make it more obvious that you hate women, gay people, indigenous Australians and people from other countries because you’re being a bit too subtle.

  82. Pingback: keeping abreast of italian politics. pardon the pun. | ali in italia

  83. Eddie says:

    I have voted Labor at every election since I helped elect Gough in 1972, convince me with policies not abuse, to change now! Bet you can’t.

    • Ray Douglas says:

      So your the one who voted for Whitlam in 1975 Eddie.

      • Bruce.J. says:

        And me, and in doing so, didn’t go to the Vietnam war to lose my life, was able to attend university and become a teacher instead of a Real Estate agent (O.K. so I didn’t make the money I otherwise would have) but I have trained doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors and electricians and most students achieve outstanding (well above average results, without Gough, I could sell you a house Ray). He bought Blue Poles – remember how you ridiculed him for that. The greatest investment ever made in art (value wise). Now it costs you nearly a years wage to become a teacher (after training for no pay for 4 years).

  84. Amanda says:

    Please list your sources witht the quotes, so that they can be taken seriously. They are so easily taken to be made up without sources, as they are so extremely bad.

  85. Cg says:

    He’s not my preferred choice of prime minister but he has to be better than what we currently have

  86. This list might read to some as an indictment of a hideous man. To others it might serve as a righteous call-to-arms.

    Each mob wants to better create the perception that their party, better than the other, aligns with whatever the majority appears to want. If they nail it, they win power. Same-old, same-old.

  87. Tony says:

    Abbott just won’t lie down and die “

  88. Mark says:

    And this is why we have a Labor Party, so that people who fall for crap have someone to vote for.. In context (which these snippets are not) more than half of these are perfectly reasonable. Others, I’ll agree, are stupid, but of those half again (that’s a quarter, folks) he has said they are his personal opinion but he knows that his party and/or the public feel differently and he is happy to put his own feelings aside. That’s honesty and he gets caned for it. One day you’ll be old enough and smart enough to be embarrassed that you voted for the ALP.. Spare a thought for Tony then.. When you have perspective instead of prejudice and thoughts of your own in your head.

    • mel says:

      We don’t want to be old and conservative or reach that point one day. We want a humane innovative nation that is revered on a global scale. Whether you agree or not, Australia is admired deeply for the handling of the GFC (admittedly thanks to the resources industry) and we are in a great position right now. Let’s get a better border security plan, let’s educate the public more of the benefits of the carbon tax and let’s talk about the right of equality amongst ALL Australians. This is simple people. Do not vote Liberal.

    • john gilboy says:

      Redneckism is not a political party.tony

  89. Steve says:

    There will not be a carbon tax – Julia Gillard
    At least Abbot is honest about his opinions

  90. mel says:

    I will be looking forward to more of these posts coming up to these elections revealing the dark backward notions of the Coalition. Any party OTHER than the Liberals is good for me. Nothing scares the Australian public more than the idea of Tony Abbott becoming a prime minister.

  91. Kate says:

    Wow. That the old bad boss/good husband can still be credible. These bits are about the old assumption that those who conceive and bear chlldren will be protected and supported by those who can choose to stay or run away. Hardly an equitable solution and one which has not worked for many women and children in history. Likewise the assumption that bosses know what’s good for workers and pay them according to their value…errr..
    Mr Abbott’s party will complain about welfare budgets in the upcoming elections. There is a sense of ownership and paternalism vs more inclusive ideas which has always been part of the Liberal agenda.
    Perhaps we need to look at the statistics. Trouble is most statistics did not reflect teenage pregnancies until the late 60s, and do not include those who were discreetly adopted by their grandmother, aunt or cousin. Who knows how many foeteses were aborted? I suspect Tony Abbott is a very old fashioned sexist (I was at uni at the same time as Mr Abbott, and a Catholic, and attending mass at John’s), and I imagine his daughters mainly ignore his more outrageous statements, but I feel their pain.

  92. I’ve just read one article of your reference material and the last quote is an amalgamation of three separate responses to three separate jibes in his direction…..the way you have picked the eyes out it seems extremely worrisome. How many more of these quotes have been similarly doctored…???

  93. Chizzy says:

    I’m not Australian and none of this guy’s ideologies may affect me, but shiiit…I need to lie down…

  94. Bruce J. says:

    You could also include this quote, which mainstream media has chosen to ignore:-
    “The first lot of Australians were chosen by the finest judges in England, not always for good reasons, and from that rather inauspicious beginning we have become a rich, a free and a fair society”

  95. Sam says:

    Has this nasty, stupid, vile man, apparently devoid of brain and basic human emotions, you know, like empathy, really got any hope of becoming Australia’s next PM? I’m no fan of Gillard, but seriously…And here I am thinking David Cameron is an embarrassment to the British people. The guy has got nothing on Abbott, and that’s saying something. The people focussing on how some of these quotes have been put together need their heads checking. The meaning of what Abbott is saying is clear. You’ve got bigger problems to worry about: THIS GUY COULD BE YOUR NEXT PRIME MINISTER PEOPLE !!!!

  96. Malcolm the Man says:

    Bring back Malcolm Turnbull, the man was charismatic, intelligent, and actually took in all views before making decisions about policies. A liberal whom actually wanted a carbon tax, who is not completely homophobic and fiscally was very sharp. The Liberals dumping him for someone so much more of a liberal party extremist, just so they could differentiate themselves from the Labour party is truly sad.

  97. da Pigg says:

    Abbott is fully entitled to his own opinions and actually, I agree with quite a few of them. Obviously this is a Leftist website and you guys won’t agree, but it takes all opinions to make the world go round. Just learn to wear. When you think carefully about just about anyone is going to be better than the sleazy, corrupt mob in charge in Canberra now. I can’t wait to see Gillard and her scumbags blown into oblivion.

  98. Jabbda says:

    I have to agree on Abbot on the Asylum Seekers. They are just taking advantage of the flawed system.

  99. Kirsty Jade says:

    Reblogged this on little things and commented:
    I cringe.

  100. FFS says:

    The biggest problem is staring us right in the face: Tony Abbott is a terrible leader, says stupid things and is embarrassing to say the least! If Gillard had the trust of the public (which is long gone) she would win the election in a landslide. Unfortunately, not only has she has made one too many howlers, but she can’t relate to the average Australian in any way shape or form. Therefore (I hate to say it), Abbott WILL be the next prime minister. Oh Dear!

  101. Ron says:

    How can you edit a quote. When someone quotes something it should be written as as said, verbatim, not in an edited way.

  102. carmeljenkin says:

    Yet to see an intelligently formed defence of Tony Abbott in these comments. Where there is a defence it has an air of boganism and/or misogyny about it.

  103. KM says:

    He has said worse than this, particularly on climate change:

  104. ABJG says:

    Wow, 19 years in parliament and you only came up with 16 quotes, I wonder how many hundreds more you would have if you did this for Julia..?
    Besides, he was spot on for the abortion quote, can’t work out why that made the list!

  105. john gilboy says:

    Tony tony tony u don’t need faceless men to get rid of you ?.your mouth is just fine

  106. tashage says:

    You missed the quote where he said a woman’s virginity was her most “precious gift”…. ugh, that makes me want to HULK SMASH!

  107. denniallen says:

    Ad these to the list:

    From Abbotts speech mini campaign launch Sunday Jan 27 2013

    “The First Australians were hand picked by highly regarded Judges In England” – referring to convicts as our “First Australians” – an insult to our true First Australians the indigenous people.

    “I know what its like to be on struggle street, struggle to pay school fees and health care costs” –

    Abbott has been in Parliament for 19 years, 7 of those as a Minister, 3-4 years as LOTO. Not small wages – an insult to every low income earner in the country.

  108. Matt says:

    it doesn’t matter who goes against gillard, she will be defeated because she is a lying backstabbing (insert offensive name here) who cannot be trusted.

  109. Di says:

    Speaking of lying, before John Howard became PM, he stated that he would not implement a GST.
    Also, do you think that promising to scrap the carbon tax, energy prices will drop? Not if the energy company stakeholders vote Liberal.

  110. Kevin Tashadow says:

    Malcolm Turnbull to lead Labor to victory!

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  112. Marnie says:

    Thank you for the entertaining bed time reading. What a great debate. This blog is just like our parliament; snide remarks and name calling being the major forms of expression. I’m sure we’d be able to find careless quotes from.anyone in the public eye. It seems the Abbot supporters don’t see much wrong with his views…

    Our Prime Minister cops a lot of flack from him just for being a woman. Rudd’s policies saved our economy, and Ms Gillard has managed to hold it all together.

    There’s still lot wrong with our country, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Why we went ahead with mandatory digital television, filling landfill sites with more plastic and pollution I don’t know. Stopping the wastefulness in our relatively rich society would be a wonderful thing. Is it time for a greener government with heart and guts?

    Interesting times ahead. I do find it hard to believe that we would vote Mr Abbott in.

  113. Jen says:

    “There seems to be an inordinate amount of time taken up with funerals and ceremonies … If you’re going to develop a work culture, you can’t have a three-month ceremonial season (each year) and you can’t take six weeks off because your cousin has died …Why not get them out shooting the camels. It gives them something they would love to do and it beats petrol sniffing.”

  114. Chris says:

    I find myself agreeing with nearly every quote from Abbott. It seems my days of being left are over!

  115. Paul says:

    I’m not disagreeing with what Abbott has said here but some of these are taken a little out of account can be twisted to suit a personal agenda.

    Take #1 for example; here is the section from the transcript;

    TONY JONES: We’ve got a web question that’s come in. It’s from Brenton Anthony in Canberra: “When it comes to asylum seekers, what would Jesus do?”

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, Jesus wouldn’t have put his hand up to lead the Liberal Party, I suspect. Or the Labor Party, for that matter.

    TONY JONES: Okay. But someone who believes in principles that he espoused did do that, so it’s a legitimate question.

    TONY ABBOTT: Yeah. Don’t forget Jesus drove the traders from the temple as well. Now, I mean, you know…

    TONY JONES: What’s the point of that?

    TONY ABBOTT: The point is…

    TONY JONES: What’s the analogy?

    TONY ABBOTT: …Jesus didn’t say yes to everyone. I mean Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it is not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.

    TONY JONES: It’s quite an interesting analogy because, as you know, and a whip was used on that occasion to drive people out of the temple. You know, if that’s the analogy you’re choosing, should be take it at face value?

    TONY ABBOTT: No. No. I’m just saying that, look, Jesus was the best man who ever lived but that doesn’t mean that he said yes to everyone, that he was permissive to everything, and this idea that Jesus would say to every person who wanted to come to Australia, “Fine”, the door is open, I just don’t think is necessarily right. But let’s not verbal Jesus. I mean, he’s not here to defend himself.

    Now, this doesn’t make that comment sound anywhere near as bad in context. Now I still disagree with his policies most of the time but I really hate (and when people do the same to Gillard) taking snippets and poisoning the public against politicians. Let people do their own proper research on fact – not cut up sentences to prove your point.

    • Australia, you can't be serious? says:

      omg “Jesus was the best man who ever lived”. lol. I wonder if Abbott plays down the back garden searching for fairies and waits up for the Easter Bunny….. people can’t be seriously going to vote for this man. No, I don’t believe anyone is that stupid.

      • Kate says:

        Yes, they WERE that stupid. The DUMBED DOWN gormless right wing TROGLODYTES ended up believing all the LIES and non-stop character assassinations against Julia Gillard (which have since been disclosed) and helped the worst political leper in our history, the crappy Abbott, crawl across the line like a sewer rat! He’s just about destroyed this country and now, after the G20 summit in November 2014 has signed an underhanded deal with China that has literally SOLD AUSTRALIA to the highest bidder. Now China can come into Australia, purchase huge tracts of our land for mining or farming, export Chinese workers into our country (at the cost of jobs for our desperate unemployed youth whose numbers are doubling under Abbott’s appalling policies) with all products and PROFITS going back to China …. and that helps Australia, HOW ???? Abbott hasn’t got the intelligence of a trained chimpanzee! He is a British born elitist, so moronically stupid, so inarticulate, so devious, a loathsome, barbaric, misogynistic mongrel – unspeakably inhumane and totally corrupt. He pointed a hypocritical finger at Julia Gillard yet it was Abbott who FRAUDULENTLY crawled across the electoral line on a PLATFORM OF RELENTLESS LIES and has BROKEN EVERY SINGLE PROMISE he made the day before the election!

        To all you gormless, mindless idiotic Abbott supporters, how’s it working for ya? How do you feel now that you have to pay THREE TIMES MORE for your son or daughter’s tertiary education (despite the fact that most of the obnoxious, self entitled LNP cabinet got THEIR university education FULLY SUBSIDISED under Whitlam’s illustrious leadership? How do you feel when the GST (inevitably) climbs up to 15% or 20%? How do you feel when everything we buy will double under the terrifying TPP that Abbott and his unspeakably inept government are pushing through? How do you feel that unemployment for the age range of 18-26 has almost TREBLED in only 12 months of catastrophic mismanagement by the fascist right wing dogs of the LNP?

        You Abbott supporters – THANKS FOR NOTHING!!! You are all DUMBED DOWN and loving it! You are just like Abbott … you all fell out of the STUPID TREE and hit every frickin branch on the way down!

  116. vodkafusion says:

    You must all love being taxed to the shithouse and love the cost of living skyrocketing. Abbott is just a puppet of the party. It’s the policies that matter. Anyone with a IQ above 10 will vote liberal and bring some solid economic leadership back into Australia

    • ReB says:

      Policies? What policies? The only policies I have heard have been about turning back the boats and cutting public service spending. How will they cut public service spending? Sack all the public servants. Who will they use to turn back the boats? Customs officers… oh, wait… they’re public servants, aren’t they…?

  117. John says:

    Can’t believe there are so many gullible morons in this great country

  118. Judith Barr says:

    I watch Tony Abbott squirm when the media ask him any question about policies and as mentioned earlier leaves the room quickly as he passes it off to Joe Hockey etc to speak on his behalf.
    Imagine this man representing Australia on the world stage as our country’s leader. Embarrassing!
    As for name calling for Julia it never ceases to amaze me how people so quickly forget that there is not a politician alive who has not broken a promise.
    How easily we forget the Howard government promised no GST and promptly lumbered us with it. I am reminded of it every time I pay for something and see how much GST I pay over a week. Sit down and work it out after a shopping trip or any service like repairs to your vehicle, plumbing repairs etc etc.
    I cannot think of a more useless tax and you all complain about a carbon tax and/or mining that expect those companies to pay for polluting our country and mining our resources and sending the profits overseas. It has already been determined that no added burden has been added to each of us re the carbon tax. The mining companies have not had to pay the huge taxes that the opposition said would drive away investment in our country….never happened. We have the resources and they want them!
    Howard’s government promised other taxes would go when the GST was in place…never happened! Like I said sit down and work out what extra you pay for GST on every service you acquire or product you buy! As for a tax that cost us all more and costs businesses $s to administer with the regular BAS to complete quarterly. What a joke! Are you calling the Liberals liars because they broke that promise?
    What we each need to do is look at actual policies and determines what we each agree with or not instead of reverting to name calling and clearly forgetting what the previous federal government cut from aged care and education and let’s not forget Work Choices!
    They say that absence make the heart grow fonder….perhaps that is what has happened here and you have forgotten what the Howard government cut from the poor and middle class to ensure their wealthy cronies prospered.
    All I ask is everyone researches the past and looks to the future instead of listening to media hype …..then make an educated decision.

  119. Sean Vickery says:

    Thank you! Tony Abbott is not a credible alternative prime minister.

  120. Pablo says:

    What amazes and amuses me no end is how all of the respondents to this ‘question’ believe you can make a difference….or do you?
    Politicians are in the business of self serving interest. They almost to a person lie and deceive on a daily basis. In almost any other ‘profession’ they would not survive, and be subject to prosecution for their actions. We have many alternative choices to the two pathetic excuses offered as the only choice. Democracy is dead in Australia, as it is in most of the Western world. If most of you spent as much time and serious effort in addressing this, then I would have a little more faith in our future.
    Today’s politicians are a very weak bunch. There are no leaders, only dictators. There are some who are genuine people, but must compromise their ideals and best beliefs to ‘serve the party’. There is no independent thought offered for discussion, for the message must be the same, and the stupid masses must believe it….I pity you all

  121. Danielle says:

    It’s a sad day if we ever have him as Australia’s leader.

  122. John Dwyer says:

    Hope half you lot don’t have the right to vote. If ABBOTT represents a Rhodes scholar I’m glad I am educated enough to call him a Dick Head.Here we come Spain, Italy et. al. Two generations have passed since the Great depression and don’t know what hard times can be like. Abbot and his crew will give you lot a tast of life you do not yet understand. 1930 here we come?

  123. Julie McGowan says:

    Regarding the distortion of the Prime Minister’s name from Julia to Juliar, I believe that was first coined by that intellectual pygmy Alan Jones not the media

  124. Karl says:

    I don’t see the problem as to who would be a better Prime Minister, politics has lost nearly all integrity and meaning. There seems to be no honour left in it. The whole two party major system isn’t working. The introduction of new media has changed the way we perceive and judge everything, giving a voice to not only those who didn’t but to those who speak what is on their mind before thinking and researching what they are talking about.

    If you want a good Government, you need an honourable, intelligent leader.
    A capable and qualified cabinet and,
    an informed and proactive electorate

    When you see a leader you don’t like or disagree with remember we are all partly to blame for the allowing them to hold that position.

  125. opposehumantrafficking says:

    Reblogged this on opposehumantrafficking.

  126. Rob Saker says:

    I watched Parliament this week and Abbott now does not know what to say. When he does open his mouth he makes a fool of himself. Go Julia keep the test up. The Libs have nothing to offer this country except a big stuff up. Thank God they were not there when the GFC struck, who knows where we would be now. The miners need to be well taxed. Go see what they have done to South Africa. Lets hope they are not allowed to do that here. Abbott has just stuck his nose into this area by encouraging the Liberal States to put up their royalities. Mr negativity I hope people realise what he is really up too.

  127. snippetysnippets says:

    Reblogged this on Snippety Snippets!.

  128. Jack says:

    Nothing he said in those quotes can I disagree with or find offensive. And that is the view of about 54% of the population. Of course lazy minority groups would find it offensive though.

    • Charlie says:

      You know, I’d prefer to think that 54% of Australia isn’t racist, homophobic, misogynist and incredibly condescending to poor people and immigrants. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

      For the record, ‘lazy minority groups’ is an incredibly nasty way of describing an extremely diverse section of the Australian population, and anybody with an inkling of critical thinking would also be offended by at least some of these statements.

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  130. COGBABY says:

    Sources for the quotes?

  131. Jane Rylance says:

    Come on Australia you can’t seriously want Tony Abbott as our Prime Minister he is an embarrassment and the thought makes me feel ill!

  132. snippetysnippets says:

    Let’s not forget this gem:

    -“if you’re going to develop a working culture, you can’t have a three month ceremony season and you can’t take six weeks off because your cousin has died. I wouldn’t imagine that long before white man came a death would have stopped hunting.”
    (Tony Abbott addressing central Australian Aborigines in Pitjantjatjara land, to which Gumurdul, Mikginmikginj and Nayinggul [2006] responded: “He is wrong… In our country, in Arnhem Land, ceremony has continued uninterrupted for a very long time).

  133. Reblogged this on Axeman's Ramblings… and commented:
    Can this country really have enough dumb people to vote this tosser and his party of morons in to ‘run’ the country??

  134. Chris says:

    I agree with #8, personally.

    God, they’re both such awful options.

  135. brian says:

    Make one of Gillard you prick, but that would be too long because everything she says and does makes her unfit to be the PM

  136. Dee says:

    Julia is the lesser of two evils. Tony Abbott is a dead set idiot we all know this. Instead of two parties slandering eachother and the media running wild, wouldn’t it be nice to have one unified government that worked towards bettering what an already amazing country this is. “Why can’t we all just get along”

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  138. And there is so much more including his refusal to answer questions that were not scripted for him. His denial this week of the huge negatives from the war that John Howard and his government (including Abbott) placed Aussies into. His ongoing support for Peter Reith who created the bald faced lie of ‘children over board’. There is his refusal to support gays despite his sister being gay. .. I could write such a list

  139. John D. says:

    I agree with you:)

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  141. mike says:

    I love these articles however…. Did anyone else notice the absence of references or any kind of source?

    Debate these point however you like but with out any reference you cannot pass judgment within context or even argue that any of it was ever said.

  142. Uncle Chop says:

    I am not sure why everyone cares about the individual so much, when we know its the puppet masters that make the call..

    • Probably considered a "leftie" says:

      Part of the reason we care about the individual is because he or she becomes the representative of all of us on the world stage when they become Prime Minister. Remember how embarrassing it must have been for Americans to be represented by the Bush family? That’s how stupid we will look with Abbott as the face of Australia.

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  145. Very nice article. I definitely love this site.
    Continue the good work!

  146. Uncle Chop says:

    What a shit site. Bunch of Australia Haters.

  147. Lyn says:

    For many who are not worldly wise, Tony may not be the epitome of political correctness, but he speaks from the heart and possibly says a lot of what many are only thinking. At least with Tony what you see is what you get. I see a good bloke who wants to truly setve his country and its people to the best of what the majority want, sadly he may get shot down by those only out to make personal gain. We shall have to see.

  148. Rachel says:

    Would have been great to see your sources rather then to just believe like most people do that tony Abbott did say these things..

  149. Pingback: Colin's Folly

  150. Pavlovski says:

    well, look ahhh……well, look ahhhhh….well, look, ahhhhhhhhh….I’m just a naive and sanctimonious ignominious ignoramus catholic racist boy who doesn’t know shit from clay.

  151. James Hardy says:

    he will never be pm. never.

  152. Not Impressed says:

    How can anyone believe an article like this? It is totally biased and the Authors I have as much integrity as a cracked glass.

    • Valour says:

      They are Abbott’s words, not the authors.

    • sam.mclean@kcl.ac.uk says:

      There is only one question to be answered: did Abbot say these things? The answer, from what I can see from the quotes provided and others, is yes.

      Abbot is a source of national embarrassment. I have to remind myself that he’s a professional politician let alone potential Aussie PM (however unpopular).
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone on O2

  153. Karen Cairns says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of the things he said. Yes, much of it is politically incorrect but the man is telling it like it is. He has the courage to be truthful whereas the rest of humanity seems to have gone mad on trying to prove they are accepting of all others. Just a simple look at today’s world will prove to anyone that’s at people only care about themselves but they hear how they are “supposed” to think and what they are “supposed” to believe and they just accept it, and then criticize someone who has actually thought about it enough to say “it’s crap”.

    • sarah says:

      Um Karen…some of us are not trying to prove we are accepting of others, we are seriously trying to overcome our conditioned prejudices and embrace our humanity. It’s complete bullshit to say that all anyone people cares about is themselves. Maybe you need to get out a bit more it sounds like your circle of contact is way too small. Life’s too short to be a cynic for all eternity!!! Come on!!

    • John Snow says:

      I completely agree with Karen, there is nothing at all wrong with his comments, they are even humerous, and get to the point.

      • Valour says:

        John, Your views are actually what is wrong with nearly (but thankfully not yet reached ) 50% of the Australian, selfish society. Hopefully you will get the suppository Tony talks about.

  154. Kathleen says:

    I have to say, I wish the politics here were like America. In that, they respect their politicians. Unlike the politicians here who point fingers and blame the other. They are much more civilised there. They are like petty children. I would vote for no one. I’m not impressed with Julia, Tony or Kevin. Eck! Go Sex Party! 🙂

    • Kate says:

      USA politics are up their EYE BALLS in corruption. Unlike America, in Australia you have to EARN RESPECT … just because you are a self entitled, self seeking grasping politician does NOT earn you respect in Australia. This is where we are very different to the false, back slapping, baby kissing phony façade of the disreputable, soul destroying American politics. I lived in America for many years … trust me, Australians disrespect and contempt for politicians is VERY, VERY HEALTHY and sensible! Politicians can NOT be trusted. No longer do we have politicians of the standing of Gough Whitlam who was scrupulously honest with enormous credibility and a deep love for Australia and Australians. Gough Whitlam was everything Abbott is NOT. Abbott is a vile, revolting political pariah who is internationally despised and condemned .. a British born elitist whose crawling obsequious subservience to British imperialism is obvious in everything he does and says! Abbott despises Australia and hates our egalitarian society. Abbott is all about the top 1% and huge multinational corporations who seek to rape and plunder our country at will! Abbott is a nefarious mongrel up to his eyeballs in corruption, using his power to feather his own nest and provide advantage to his grasping family (eg his daughter’s notorious $60,000 scholarship which was nothing more than a disgraceful grab at a time when everyone else’s daughters/sons will be paying TREBLE for their university degrees). The LNP are rotten to the core yet they try (and FAIL) to hide their loathsome depravity under a thin veil of bible bashing, sanctimonious hypocrisy. Disgusting!

  155. Greg Johnson says:

    Kathleen, have you been in the USA during an election? Believe me they are just as bad. I have found that elections are a lot more fun when they are someone else s!
    To get back to the beginning, we could make a list of dumb statements of anyone who has been in public office for a while (even out of office, look above). We will never get the perfect politician, and even if we did, the other half would reject them!, We have to look at the preponderance of the policies and decide what makes the most sense and what we as a nation can afford and sustain.

    • Kathleen says:

      What I meant Greg, as a whole people in America have more respect for politicians and America in general. They are very patriotic and so there’s not as much blame and pointing fingers as there is here. My fiance and I were having a discussion as to why this could be and he was saying America has more of a history than we do. They fought for independence etc. I know this has nothing to do with the topic at hand but they had alot of leaders that were forward thinkers. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, JFK of course among the stinkers like Bush. But what I’m trying to get at is, maybe we need more leaders like that. Forward thinkers, people who want to change the country for good rather than make promises and break them just to get into office. :-p

      • Kate says:

        Kathleen, you will do well to remember a very truthful adage: PATRIOTISM IS THE REFUGE OF SCOUNDRELS! Have you not noticed how the most ruthless, nefarious fascist governments (like Abbott) USE patriotism to excuse vilification of minorities, xenophobic racism to push through hideous inhumane policies in relation to asylum seekers! Their hideous, self seeking TEAM AUSTRALIA is a CLASSIC example of patriotism being used to promote evil. The crawling little war mongers George W Bush and John Howard were FULL OF IT! Their despicable, phony patriotism and nationalistic chest thumping were used to create the groundswell to enter into the worst, most disreputable war in our history … entering Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein. Saddam was no saint but he DID hold a semblance of stability in Iraq. However the three stooges (Bush, Howard and Blair) stomped in where angels feared to tread, deposed Hussein, created a vacuum that saw the COMPLETE DESTABILISATION OF THE MIDDLE EAST! That vacuum was quickly filled by ISIL, the worst most malignant terrorist group ever seen … and it is ALL down to Bush/Howard and Blair! That Iraqi war has cost Australians (and the western world) COUNTLESS BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars! It is STILL costing us BILLIONS. It is the reason why Howard was the most spendthrift government in Australia’s history (and this fact has been CONFIRMED by the IMF)!! The destabilisation of the middle east is STILL costing us BILLIONS … enough money to feed, clothe and educate desperately poor countries in Africa; enough money to provide fully government subsidised education for generations of Australian youth; enough money to support generations of Australians with the world’s best health system; enough money to provide generations of Australians with a satisfying retirement at a decent age (60)! The scandalous WASTE of WAR is evil … and the LNP use PATRIOTISM and NATIONALISM to condone it!

  156. Valour says:

    Kathleen I wonder what will happen if they get a female president? Did you see how they treated Sarah Palin?

    • Kate says:

      Sarah Palin was a MORON! A Republican fool who was nothing more than a gormless mouthpiece for George Bush’s excesses. She was a notorious gun-toting red neck who was famous for shooting and killing defenceless animals (even going into Africa to shoot lions!). Despicable! Doesn’t matter what sex someone is .. whether they are male or female .. when they are morally bankrupt, being a woman won’t save her! Sarah Palin represents the hateful bigotry, xenophobic racism and swaggering arrogance of the ultra right wing neoliberals …. she and Abbott have a LOT in common! They are cast from the same self-seeking fascist mold … ruthlessly corrupt, inhumanely callous and unconscionably self seeking.

  157. trisha says:

    He should zip it. His stupid is leaking.
    What a choice we have. How shallow are we that we vote for a party on the leaders credentials?
    Mark my words . If liberals get in we will tire of them too. It is what it is.
    I think we lost real talent when Julia was despatched for expediency’ s sake. Susinct, measured well chosen words , she actually achieved quite a lot with what she had.
    Kevin rude or Tony Blabbit. .. lol

  158. Emily says:

    These quotes are all misrepresented and completely out of context. At least he presents a united front from his party without all the school yard bullying tactics used in the Labour Party.

    • sarah says:

      Emily, can you provide the correct context and representation? Would be glad to see it.

    • Valour says:

      Vladimir Putin, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il, all had united parties. Just what are you trying to say?

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  161. Women don’t have a right to withhold sex? – for all you apologists here who agree with that, you do realize that you are condoning rape then don’t you, or don’t you understand the concept?

  162. Nawoola Loonmi says:

    What a flat out homophobic, chauvinistic hypocritical REDNECK!!!!! OMG, I STRUGGLE TO BELIEVE PEOPLE CAN BE SO SHALLOW INSECURE & COLD TO have faith in him as a good man let alone someone caring and trusting to everyone!!…
    Far out people WAKE THE F&@& UP!!!!!

  163. hot1tin1roof says:

    Wow, is that the worst he’s got? The comments about women are BAD, we all know he doesn’t approve of climate change, the rest is so blah. I think he was very measured on gays. In fact, these quotes persuade me MORE to vote for him because my perception was that it was far worse than this, probably I was taking people like David Marr too seriously.

    At least he’s not a complete narcissist like Kevin Rudd.

    • sarah says:

      What evidence do you have that he is not a narcissist??????????

    • Valour says:

      Abbott is a bigger narcissist than Rudd. Rather than spending time on the job, hw takes time off to work out so he “looks good in budgie smugglers” (for which he charges the taxpayer) he is such a control freak he won’t allow interviews or debates without controlling all the factors. Rudd appears on the Bolt report, Abbott won’t even appear before a press gallery.

      • Threepwood Jones says:

        I don’t think you know what a narcissist is, you fucking moron. Don’t talk about shit you know nothing about.

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  165. John Snow says:

    This post is fucking hilarious. Most comical quotes I’ve read in quite a while, Thank you for the laughs that entailed 🙂

  166. HappyCamper says:

    1 Reason Rudd and Gillard shouldn’t be prime ministers. She stabbed him in the back. He was an inflexible boss.

    Actions speak louder than words. If I told you I hate you and you smell but then gave you a job and money for 20 years in a bad boss?

    Get real.

    Vote with your head not with your heart.

  167. Andrew Mayzen says:

    All these smart asses above who think they are smart economists. Labor is bad for the country, business and the family budget. Don’t listen to them about shit like ” we are better than Europe and other countries”. We are all now bombarded with high living costs, All businesses are struggling, people are getting sacked in record numbers, retirees are not getting a return on their super, and manufacturing is dead. THESE ARE THE REAL ISSUES. Top that off with a 300 billion dollar debt, yearly deficits, 8 Billion a year in interest payments and the fact they are letting ANY SHIT into OUR country and supporting them, and we are heading towards a Muslim run Banana Republic. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA !

    • Kate says:

      Obviously, Mayzen, you are just ANOTHER dumbed down, gormless LNP sycophant who is foolishly and thoroughly manipulated by the LIES and ongoing character assassinations in the malignant Murdoch press. You are willing and able to overlook the unspeakable corruption, the fact that the debt/deficit levels have DOUBLED under the totally inept mismanagement of the WORST Treasurer in our history, Sloppy Joe Hockey and that unemployment (particularly in the 18-28 age group) has TREBLED! The Abbott government is mad, bad and dangerous .. the single most destructive, regressive government in our history .. and idiots like YOU put him there! You are prepared to condone the unending LIES upon LIES and ongoing broken promises of an unconscionable fascist government who have lost their way! You are COMPLETELY misinformed (like most LNP minions). The only two Treasurers in our history nominated by the IMF and given international awards as the best Treasurers in the world were LABOR TREASURERS: Paul Keating (who was a brilliant Treasurer and one of the best PMs in our history since Whitlam) and Wayne Swan! The FACT that Swan and Gillard guided us through the Global Financial Crisis unscathed is a testament to their financial skill and the brilliant stimulation packages kick started our economy and caused Australia to be the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN WORLD to come out of the GFC in a healthy economic state … you fool! Do you want to know who the most spendthrift, wasteful government in Australia’s history REALLY is … the scandalous HOWARD government … read the FACTS and weep!


  168. Steve says:

    Who cares what he says. He speaks his mind , alit of people think the same. Rudd is too much of a pussy to even say this.

  169. samuel says:

    Tonny thinks The age of The earth is less than 10 thousands years. bible say that. that is…..me cago en el grande pajero Tonny.

  170. Valour says:

    Steve, educated people care what he says, perhaps your keyboard stopped working when you were typing aliterate people don’t.

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  172. Jono says:

    Steve, a Leader has to have an IQ of some kind, talk to a 10 year old and you may find to be better, unless you just favour money in hands of few

  173. Fastidious answer back in return of this question with genuine arguments and telling all concerning that.

  174. Cate says:

    Does he know he’s a hypocrite and a dingbat?

  175. James B says:

    Great article, thanks for posting. Love most of these quotes and Abbott has officially won my vote.

  176. kelly says:

    Why do people use “Left” as a bad word? Left Wing persons freed the slaves and allowed women to vote. And one day, once Tony Abbott disappears, Left Wingers will make sure that gay couples can marry. I’m proud to be LEFT!

    • Callum says:

      I find people have fallen for the “divide on conquer” technique, and what you have is people on the “right” who are usually straight white people who don’t like to share and harbor some prejudice in one form or another towards minorities, and people on the “left” are the anyone and everyone who “disagrees” with them or threatens their monopoly on power in some way

  177. Valour says:

    Well James B, clearly if you agree with this you are just the sort of rigth wing redneck hillbilly Abbott has been appealing to.

  178. Alex says:

    I do respect and acknowledge all the comments above (although I may greatly disagree with some of them), a few of them make me shake my head. I just can’t comprehend why people don’t believe in climate change when the evidence is there everyday for us to see when we step out into our world. I’ll never understand why straight people think that gay-marriage will ruin our society or how it will detriment them personally when some gay/lesbian/non heterosexual individuals make the most wonderful parents and contribute to our society in so many other positive ways. I can’t understand why men think they are the best people to decide on how women should live their lives and treat their bodies, it’s just something they will never experience. I will never know what it is like to be a man, so I won’t pretend to know whats best for them. In my opinion, although many societies in the world are constructed around religion, the world would be a much better place if religion was left out of political decisions and instead used to help everyone be respectful towards each other, rather than impose on people’s choices and happiness.

    • Karen Rees says:

      There are so many opinionated comments here, but Alex I have found yours to be rational and wise. Might I just add how sad it is to read the comments about economics, as if money is more important than morals and our environment . Many Australians don’t realise just how good they have it compared to many other countries, or maybe they do and they just don’t want to share it!

    • Callum says:

      Well said

  179. Doog says:

    Some interesting responses, and a great insight into the Australian mindset. A rich (financial) country, but some of the views on here are doing nothing to shatter the perspective of Australians as a poor backward nation in regards political awareness, tolerance, and thoughtful rhetoric that is better served dwelling in an intellectual swamp. If Abbott gets in then you will have the man to represent you both in parliament, and as a symbol of the people he represents, which although the insular folk couldn’t care less will make you more of a laughing stock throughout the world,than you already are. Not because of finances,resources,weather, or pissy beer, but because you chose a neocon pseudo Christian xenophobic, sexist, homophobe to represent your values. Enjoy the fact that when your middle class white kids make their annual trek to Europe as part of their comfort zone ‘year out’, will be hearing a lot of mocking abuse as they serve beer,wonder at the ancient castles, or winge at the weather. Plato talked about a cave as a metaphor, but watching the political debate in this country suggests he may have been talking as an observer.

    • Jane says:

      Doog you’ve said what I’ve been thinking!

    • Callum says:

      What is happening in Australia is similar to America and the UK; there has been a shift towards the right as the “majority” look for a beacon of light in this scary world of economic crisis, intellectual and cultural extinction, and *gasp* people of colour and even those pesky gays are being represented and accepted, and most importantly they’re not “allowed” to bash on these people without consequence anymore.

      What we’re seeing is a world where people are equal, but the straight white person who has no money and no job still has a superiority complex, and he needs a scape goat to take his anger out on, because it’s not fair to him. “Black people aren’t /supposed/ to be rich, gay people aren’t /supposed/ to be happy, they never have been, so why now!”

      When he see’s successful and happy black people or gay people or even women it makes him angry, and it makes him jealous. They are running out of acceptable scape goats throughout the west, and in times of economic crisis and the constant threat of attack. the “majority” need a scape goat and the political leaders need those scape goats too

  180. Jane says:

    Thanks Doog you write what I am thinking!

  181. Paula says:

    As they say, people do have very short memories especially when it comes to politics. Does everyone forget that one of the main reason the former liberal government was able to have the economy in surplus was to sell off our money making assets, eg Commonwealth Bank & Telstra.(now what would the economy look like with the CBA’s profits added to our bottom line?!) I am not a financial genius, but it really doesn’t take a genius to understand that if you remove a constant source of income for a lump sum payment, you are no longer able to have that source of income. Sure the bank account looks great for a little while, then what? The only difference I can see with the new liberal government is that they have no more assets to sell so that can only lead to higher taxes for all & more cost cutting, public sector job loses etc. I am not a “leftie” I am just an Australian citizen trying to sort through all the shit to determine who will be the best person to represent me and my values, I can assure you now that it is not Tony Abbott or the current liberal government.

    Further more, people keep talking about climate change as if it is something made up. Well people if you don’t watch the news and see all the very extreme & unusual weather events that are happening around the world, nothing I say or do will make any difference to your way of thinking. Or maybe these stories are made up by the leftwing press too?!

  182. Nigel B says:

    Try working as a Male Nurse and you will find out all about Gender inequality

    • Callum says:

      As a former male nurse and the child of a male nurse, I think everyone knows the only “inequality” you get from being a male nurse is other males making fun of you for being a “nurse” – hardly gender inequality when it’s still the men

  183. Please think hard before voting. says:

    Tony Abbott is clearly not all there and it is ridiculous to think Australian’s would vote for this fool. He can’t open his mouth without offending people. He repulses me with his views and comments, surely you all feel the same?. And look at you all and your comments and worries and arguments. He caused all this with his backward racist, sexist, traditional, religious, childish, uncaring views. Imagine what he is doing to do if he is voted to lead our country. God forbid. Imagine him speaking on the international arena, we will be a laughing stock of the world.

    • Callum says:

      In times of uncertainty and economic peril, the frightened and poor population turn to whoever seems to be in their best interest and the “majority” usually win the vote. The “majority” is still straight white folk, many of which aren’t anywhere near as bigoted or misogynistic as Tony Abott; but still recognize he will be in their best interest because he’s just like them and will look out for people just like him over the “others”

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  185. mickeybilodeau says:

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  188. Steve UK says:

    As regards “20 Quotes From Tony Abbott”. Can’t understand the criticism being levelled at Mr Abbott. He appears to me to be a pragmatist and a realist who has no truck with PC, doesn’t kowtow to vocal minorities, tells it as it is, expresses the thoughts of a ‘real person’ rather than those of a typical mealy mouthed politician and, most importantly, speaks what the vast majority of ‘ordinary reasonable people’ are thinking.

    • Callum says:

      Again, it’s important to note the terms “PC” and “vocal minorities” are only used by straight white males who are prejudice in one way or another but like to dress up their language and act as if they aren’t instead of being “real men” and just “telling it how it is”; they’re racist, sexist and homophobic and they don’t want to share their toys with “vocal minorities”. Go ahead and prove me wrong; tell me you aren’t male, straight and white just like Mr. Abbott

  189. Edwina says:

    Let us also not forget the the things he doesn’t say

  190. quossieqoussie says:

    All this above being said . . . . Abbott is still an idiot . . . . wake up Austraia

  191. Faye says:

    And he’s the new prime minister… Australia’s is going to have a great future

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  193. Ian says:

    Dear Liam, if you have problems telling your parents your Gay, we can help. We have a service that has helped hundreds of Gay men like you break the news. Call us at 1800SEXAPPEAL

  194. Yuki says:

    2. ‘These people aren’t so much seeking asylum, they’re seeking permanent residency. If they were happy with temporary protection visas, then they might be able to argue better that they were asylum seekers’
    He has a point there

    ‘The problem with the Australian practice of abortion is that an objectively grave matter has been reduced to a question of the mother’s convenience.’
    he’s right you know

  195. Jed says:

    haha wow, I really liked all of those quotes, nothing wrong with none of them. I agree with almost all of them and it is refreshing to know our new PM is an actual person not just a fake who says what will get him liked. Good onya Tony.

  196. Erin says:

    Ugghh! I thought we had the market on of thoughtless racist/homophobic/mysoginist/useless politicians here in the US! Who is raising these people?

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  201. John says:

    Well the sick man has become Prime Minister by default.
    The first act of a tyrannical despot is to suppress the media followed by the usual propoganda.
    Don’t forget that Australia is “open for business”. Yep, his DNA, to sell Australia into more Privitisation and Australia soil as well while the average Tax Payer is further demeaned.
    Also lets pay the Minning Magnates money not to pollute the environment. Gee, he should pay me not to rob the bank.
    Sick,sick individual so full of hate for the normal Australians.

  202. You must bear in your mind that Tony Abbott is an honest guy! He said whatever come into his head. I don’t he’s a cheater!

    And women must know that they’re naturally weak creatures. They always need help. ‘I-need-your-Help’ is their life partner. And men are great helper.

    • ReB says:

      Oh Michael, I do hope you are being sarcastic! Yes, Tony has said whatever came into his head, and what he said was very worrying to many people, on many levels. As for your claim that he is an honest guy and not a cheater, the fact that he has dishonestly claimed tens of thousands of dollars in travel and accommodation expenses has made a liar out of you. We know the claims were dishonest because as soon as the public found out about it, he paid them all back – if they were legitimate, he wouldn’t need to do so.

      Women are “naturally weak” and “always need help”… what can I say but the women in your life have been doing a great job. Women are just as capable as men in most things, we just prefer to work smarter, not harder. Why should we do something ourselves when we can call on a “great helper” man to do it for us?

    • Kerry says:

      Oh. My. god. There are more of you out there? Did someone leave a teleport open from the 50s. Quick! Shut the fucking door.

    • ‘And men are great helper’. Why are Abbott voters unable to display a basic command of the English language? That’s a rhetorical question; not that you’ll know what that means.

  203. This makes me sick, especially the quote about the Indigenous people of the country and abortion. Never liked Abbot.

    • Dunn from Glasgow, Scotland says:

      What did he say bad about the aboriginals? You do realize most of these quotes are cherry picked or taking out of context.

      • 13. ‘Now, I know that there are some Aboriginal people who aren’t happy with Australia Day. For them it remains Invasion Day. I think a better view is the view of Noel Pearson, who has said that Aboriginal people have much to celebrate in this country’s British Heritage’

        14. ‘Western civilisation came to this country in 1788 and I’m proud of that…’

        15. ‘There may not be a great job for them but whatever there is, they just have to do it, and if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done’

        If I interpreted them incorrectly in any way, I do apologise. However, his perennial misogyny and blatant rejection of homosexuality is not at all pleasing. This is only my opinion, as a woman and as a person who believes people should have the right and freedom to marry whoever they like no matter the race or gender.

      • Valour says:

        In his 2013 Australia day speech he referenced “about 200 years since the first Australians came here”. This hardly acknowledges indigenous Australians, or even give them acknowledgement they were already here. Also the quotes are not “taken out of context” if you care to research the context they were given.

  204. Kayla Gray says:

    How many of you have cried because of this man? It’s a scary time to be a lesbian and environmental activist in this country. I’m afraid.

  205. Dunn from Glasgow, Scotland says:

    These people aren’t so much seeking asylum, they’re seeking permanent residency. If they were happy with temporary protection visas, then they might be able to argue better that they were asylum seekers’ <– That is 110% true, look at the UK for example, why do Pakistanis and Afghani's who travel in the back of trucks and vans skip through many different countries, then eventually catch a boat to the UK, this doesn't happen by accident and most of them are wanting permanent residency. Australia and the UK are not charities, deal with it.

    • Joel says:

      It’s true that there are some people who simply hope to gain an advantage by immigrating – although of course that really isn’t a foreign concept to the British, is it? And yet, by throwing a blanket over the entire number of refugees – usually for some political advantage – shouldn’t we assess the damage that can be done to innocent, deserving people? I wonder if those who comment about applicants for perminant residency know any applicants personally. Do they consider the years lost in building lives, educations, actual individual futures and families? Or do they simply percieve them as faceless masses “lucky” to be “safe” in perpetual pergatory, living in the vague hope that one day their homeland may be safe again? It’s very dangerous to confuse charity and basic humanity.

  206. thushyanthan says:

    Please use this quote with or instead of the Syria one. In relation to torture in Sri Lanka, ‘Mr Abbott told reporters that while his government “deplores the use of torture we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances difficult things happen”.’

    Source http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2013/11/16/15/22/abbott-s-torture-comment-sparks-response

  207. garth says:

    Abbot is possibly the best Prime Minister Australia has ever seen. He is doing a very good job under difficult budgetary operational conditions. He could be doing an even better job of keeping out the damned illegals if it weren’t for the budget problems caused by Labor.

    Abbot should work more closely with ASIO to intercept people smuggler and terrorist communications.

    • Valour says:

      Crikey mate, a) there is no budget problems, just less issues with roads, hospitals and the environment. Gillard invested $60million a year in Holden and was returned over $100 million in tax revenue that Abbott has thrown out because of “philosophical reasons. Show me a company that doesn’t borrow to make more money. Gina is currently borrowing $600 million + to develop a mine -hear anyone say she is in a budget emergency? b) there are no illegals which shows your ignorance, they are asylum seekers, which is not illegal c) no asylum seeker that has entered Australia has ever been convicted of terrorism, although some that flew in and became Australian citizens have. d) Abbott now has problems with getting Indonesian support to counter the human traffic because of the inept way he handled the spying situation -he just had to say sorry.

      • Kate says:

        Well said, Valour. It is apparent that Garth is just another mouthpiece for Abbott’s ongoing vile xenophobia. Abbott rules by hatred, lies, division, rampant xenophobia, misogyny and manipulation of the press. Abbott’s gormless sycophantic followers believe everything written in the biased Murdoch rags. Most intelligent people know that there is NO SUCH THING AS AN ILLEGAL ASYLUM SEEKER – those who keep harping on and on about ILLEGAL asylum seekers do so at the risk of sounding pig ignorant with a total and callous disregard for humanity!! Abbott is a fascist with a lot in common with Hitler: Like Hitler’s horrific stance against Judaism, Abbott is targeting vulnerable asylum seekers, dehumanising them, using them to take away the focus on the really BAD policies and decisions being pushed through parliament (by Abbott) at the expense of our environment, education, health and democracy; Like Hitler, he is throwing vulnerable people (including their children) into offshore concentration camps to live in the most inhumane, terrible conditions; Like Hitler, Abbott has a complete and total disregard for human life – Abbott is an evil soulless vindictive insignificant little nobody; Like Hitler he is manipulating the media in the most shocking and shameful manner, using lies, deception and character assassination against anyone that stands in the way of his relentless pursuit of power and pandering to the intolerable, unending greed of billionaire miners, multinational corporate predators and manipulative media moguls. Like Hitler, Abbott is prepared to remove ANYONE or ANY THING (the ABC and SBS) that wishes to reveal the full depths of his depravity, his dishonesty, his staggering corruption and his unfolding, ongoing undemocractic policies. Abbott is extremely DANGEROUS because he is a moron with absolute power in both houses and everyone knows that ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY! Abbott will go down in history as the most reviled, hated, disgraceful, ANTI-environment Crime Minister this country has EVER seen! Abbott will be judged very harshly both within and outside Australia as the most despised Australian politician in our history. He may be an intellectual midget, but he has the conniving, vindictive cunning of a sewer rat!

      • Valour says:

        Kate funny you should reference Hitler. Hermann Göring, Nazi founder of the Gestapo, said at the Nuremberg trials: “the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.” Abbott has done this with refugees, and Garth is doing his bidding.

  208. FatFark says:

    The best prime minister Australia has ever had ? hahahahahahah funniest thing ive ever read I want what you are smoking

    • Kate says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments, FatFark. Unfortunately, I can no longer see the funny side in the sad comments expressed by people like Garth. To me, it is a terrible sign of just how mean, cruel and deluded so many people in this country have become under the most inhumane government since the loathsome John Howard (who, after all, was a mentor to Abbott). Under Julia Gillard and other Labor governments, we had the fine international reputation as a country that CHERISHED and PROTECTED our environment, that CARED about people, that CARED about wild life, that had a proud history of caring for vulnerable people and those less fortunate than ourselves (this is the HUGE GAPING difference between the ideology of LNP, the ME-ME PARTY and Labor, the WE WE PARTY). The Labor Party have a long history of CREATION, INITIATION and INSTIGATION whereas Abbott only knows how to de-fund, de-list, destroy. annihilate and devalue. The ONLY things that Abbott excels in is his callous skill in deception, humiliation and his ability to manipulate the masses and constantly play the BLAME GAME! There is absolutely NO doubt that Abbott is a sociopath with an agenda. The laughing has long stopped (by the growing masses of people out there that hate Abbott – growing every day)! Next election day, Abbott will wonder wtf hit him!

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  212. Abbott List says:

    The #Abbottlist, a way to keep track of Abbott’s bad policies and morals when the next election is upon us. http://www.abbottlist.com

  213. Phony Grabbitt, the worst Crime Minister of the current Feral Government!

  214. Bring in the clown... oh wait, he's already here! says:

    So how are all you Abbott fans feeling now that the shit is starting to hit the fan? Pleased with yourselves that he’s well into the process of destroying this once beautiful Country? Before you respond, think about how you’re going to feel having to work until you’re 70 before you can retire, or how our few remaining assets will be owned by other nations. Or ask yourselves – where DID the money for Medicare disappear to, and please don’t humiliate yourself by attempting to claim it was the Labour party that ‘got Australia into the mess and the Libs are getting us out of it”. That’s just bollocks. You only have to look back at the history books to see that every time the Libs have been in Government, they sell off or destroy all our assets (such as wanting to knock down The Rocks for ‘redevelopment’ years ago. Don’t believe me? Go look for yourselves.

    Never have I felt more gut-wrenchingly repulsed by any ‘leader’ (I use the term loosely) than this clown. The current Government needs overturning…. now!

  215. Jason says:

    if someone says no, then the answer is no.
    tony abbot you moron.
    how could we have such a prime minister?
    I want my 17 yr old big sister for P M!!!
    she’d make everyone happy.
    she is that awesome.
    I mean, ok. not all of us want to be vegetarion, but it is a major contributer to the screwing up of our planet. FACT. meat takes around 20 times the resources, and causes 20 times bad effects to earth. I am a meat lover. and you know what? im vegetation. (2nd day. hope I survive)
    ps. im 15, and an idiot. I do know the meet thing for certain mind.

  216. Jason says:

    by the way… don’t shoot me when theres a revolution…

  217. Jason says:

    by the by the way… I will never ever ever ever EVER EVER EVER understand humans. never. we are the most evil twisted beings on this planet. simple fact.
    wanna be a cute dog…
    or a wolf
    or a lion
    or an ant
    or anything BUT the most destructive things in the history of history.

    • Tony Abbott supporter says:

      #ilytony #cutsfortony #wealllovekingtony #vegeteriansarerongm8 #ifuwonteatcowmeatulleatmymeatvegeteriansskrublords #TonyFor2017 #phonykingtoney #morecutsfortony #uRrongm8wealdongudm8

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  219. Vesna Comitto says:

    Malcolm can’t contest leadership of the Liberal party soon enough. Out, out, Tony.

  220. Andrew Burns says:

    Abbott reminds me of George W. Bush. I would rather not be reminded of George W. Bush. Please send Abbott off to pasture.

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  222. Annie Oakley says:

    A man who obviously condones rape ie. A woman shouldn’t “withhold sex” from a man.

    Tony Abbot is a dinosaur. I Have no idea why people voted him in. To be honest I don’t want to know the people that did.

    The liberal parties values are cruel vicious and inhumane.

    I hope they never get in power again and the party disbands and is dissolved.

  223. SaveThe Humans says:

    He also said a man “shouldn’t demand sex”, are you really that dishonest & that intent on being offended that you ignore half of his quote? Demanding sex is a prerequisite for rape. Therefore, no demanding sex=no rape. You seem like the kind of chickenhead who can get yourself worked up over the most innocuous of comments. Cluck cluck cluck cluck…..FAIL

    • valour says:

      OMG, the apologists for Abbott’s “slips of the tongue” never cease to amaze me. You are backing Abbot because someone didn’t supply the whole quote? Like “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, followed by this…. but let me make this very clear, I am determined to put a price on carbon. ” Guess who made the quote and who continually only repeated half the quote – to get into power and have you suck shit. This whole page is dedicated to Tony Dum Dum’s innocuous comments, made on the international stage. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1y1ez7_tony-abbott-last-week-tonight_news

  224. Tina says:

    I think you guys will like this one – It’s about Tony Abbott – Warning: very funny – very rude – very catchy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0doSWS0Fj24

  225. Free Speech says:

    So many comments here are obviously from stooges. I am sure that Peta Cretin’s hand is behind many of them.

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  227. Nick says:

    This man has 2 be the biggest fuckwit of an Australian Politician come leader, that has ever raised his ugly head. Billy Mcmahon & Johnnie Howard were absolute fuckwits, but Tony Abbot takes the cake.. He is a total embarrassment 2 the Australian people. He has put the Country into an immediate economic downfall. How come Australia was able 2 get through the World Economic crisis??? NOW LOOK HOW FUCKED WE ARE

    • Salstarat says:

      Spot on, Nick! You know there IS light at the end of the tunnel, my friend! There is a growing TSUNAMI of Australians out there that absolutely DESPISE the gormless, nefarious Abbott and his cabinet of corrupt, unconscionable psychopaths. I am a socialist but even friends of mine who are moderate conservatives voting for the LNP, despise Abbott! Only the most dumbed down, gormless, misanthropic scum cheer Abbott on at this stage KNOWING what a pathological serial LIAR and repugnant elitist he is! You only have to read the venom and hatred on social network pages for the diabolical, undemocratic policies pushed out by this thoroughly discredited, disreputable pack of neoliberal Troglodytes to understand that Abbott’s days are numbered and the clock is ticking! What the technological Neanderthals in the LNP do NOT understand is the POWER of social media …. it was the unscrupulous LIES and character assassinations spewed out in the Murdoch press that helped Abbott and his salivating dogs across the electoral line on a FRAUDULENT platform of LIES, but it will be SOCIAL MEDIA that tears this megalomaniacal narcissist down.

      First of all we had Naptime hit the pavement in Victoria, next Queenslanders must rid themselves of the WORST premier since the unspeakably corrupt Bjelke Peterson. Sadly, I don’t hold much hope of Labor winning back every single one of the 36 seats up there in order to beat the LNP, however there is so much anger and hatred for Spewman, it is tangible! This backlash will ensure that the supreme sewer rat, Campbell Newman, will inevitably lose his seat in Ashgrove, Queensland. Newman is one of the worst, most unconscionable environmental vandals (along with the completely useless, impotent Greg Hunt – the Clayton’s minister you get when you don’t have an environmental minister! Newman, like Abbott, is about as popular as a bacon buttie in a synagogue and about as toxic as a uranium enema! In NSW, we have to make sure that the malignant Baird is kicked out at the next State election … Baird has revealed himself to be another grubby little neoliberal who is nothing more than a crawling puppet to Abbott and determined to sell of EVERY damn asset we have in NSW just like the failed Nick Greiner did in NSW and the catastrophic ultra right wing, Jeff Kennett did in Victoria when he sold off Victoria’s assets to the highest bidder making their utility costs the highest in Australia.

      Clock is ticking and the bastards in the LNP are starting to turn on each other like a nest of vipers … it will be pure entertainment over the next few months!

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  230. Rachel says:

    Why did most of Australia vote for this moron? The hate I have for this misogynist, lying moron is so strong.

    One of many examples of ‘Abbotts’ moronic quotes that stands out the most to me is:

    1. ‘Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.’

    this statement highly offends me, as he is using religion to back up his answer. I respect that everyone has the right to follow any religion, but I can’t respect a individual who uses religion as a means to attack. How would ‘Abbott’ know if Jesus would want people not to be here?

    • Salstarat says:

      Rachel, you are not the only person who despises Abbott and his cabinet of reprehensible sociopaths …. stand at the end of a very long queue that also includes many moderate conservative LNP voters who are seriously regretting dragging the most internationally despised, condemned and scorned PM in the western world! It is hard to imagine a worse Slime Sinister – in fact, there is not one member of the LNP cabinet that has a single redeeming feature … not ONE! You could walk out on to any street, blindfolded and pick anyone or anything with a pulse and get a better leader!

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  235. John says:

    He has just been honest about things and told the truth…

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