The 10 Best Screenshots from Kevin Rudd’s Marriage Equality Smackdown

Last night on Q and A Kevin Rudd kicked arse and took names in response to a Pastor’s question on marriage equality. Watch the full video here. Enjoy these screenshots.

1. The first appearance of the Pastor’s stare.


2. This guy in the background laughing at the ridiculousness of what the Pastor is saying – ‘I just believe in what the Bible says’. Also, the Pastor’s stare again.


3. Kevin Rudd contemplating the ridiculousness of what the Pastor is saying.


4. Kevin Rudd leaning back just before he says ‘Well mate’ and unleashes – ‘If I was going to have that view the Bible also says that slavery was a natural condition’.


5. The moment the Pastor realises how ridiculous his argument is.


6. The Pastor realising how wrong he is. And having to stand there in all his wrongness.


7. The bit where Kevin Rudd says ‘for goodness sake’ when talking about how ridiculous the Pastor’s arguments are. Sometimes his gesticulating is ok.


8. The tweet. The face. That stare (again).


9. Kevin Rudd hitting it home. Marriage equality was something he’d considered in ‘good Christian conscience’. Also, that tweet.


10. Oh and here is the Pastor staring again, with an even better tweet.




About Liam Carswell & Jamila Fontana

We are two twenty something, pop culture loving, politics loving, left leaning, female rap adoring, fashion obsessive friends from Hobart, Tasmania, Almost Melbourne. On politics, world affairs, relationships, society and all things unspoken and awkward. Liam likes vinyl, Topman and coke. Jamila likes Eve, middle aged folk singers and Che Guevara (still!).
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15 Responses to The 10 Best Screenshots from Kevin Rudd’s Marriage Equality Smackdown

  1. ROYAlwithCHEESE says:

    Wow, just wow

  2. TcheQcheQ says:

    Dat #10, bravo for posting this

  3. snippetysnippets says:

    Was he himself a pastor? I’m not sure..

  4. chalkybones says:

    Apparantly he’s divorced and thought giving advice on marriage was a good idea. Huge slap down by Rudd.

  5. Mark Elsby says:

    This is what you get when you believe a book of multiple choice. You can justify anything by finding a matching verse. The contradictions are in there thousands. The old testament is a embarrassment of this fairy story. Rudd was good but he divorced the old testament from the new as though they were not intertwined. Original sin with Adam and Eve nonsense,moses and the ten commandments are int that one. Jesus even said he was there to fulfill all the old laws and Christians have forgotten they cannot go to heaven unless he comes back. 2000 years late and he still has not come back in the life times of his followers of that time. So much for that prophecy. Christians are amnesiacs to that one.

  6. Nathan Thomas says:


  7. Monsta_AU says:

    The pastor stare was very Sir Joh like.

    “You’re wrong Kevin, wrong wrong wrong. You will go to that place. It’s not a very nice place. You know that place I am talking about” if you need a refresher.

  8. Each religion makes its own god. The Catholic God condemns Birth Control and Divorce, yet the Anglican God was no problem with family planning, and was founded by divorcee King Henry VII.

    There is no rational way that these two gods can be one and the same, since he/she/it disagrees with him/her/itself so comprehensively and irrefragably, yet they are as one in condemning homosexuals as “intrinsically evil”. Such religions drive god out of the homosexual.

    I can likewise name you 35 Christian religions, which teach that homosexuality is a God-given, innate minority trait and which welcome LGBT with open arms, hearts and minds as parishioners with full sacraments, ordain as clergy, and perform same sex marriage.

    People shop for the designer religion that most closely fits their tastes, and their prejudices.

  9. Greg Harding says:

    Rudd was incredibly composed and considerate toward this dickwad Pastor. Rudd has to watch his words carefully, even as the budding loser in this election, He wouldn’t want to overly offend all those loving Christians out there who might still vote for him, would he?

  10. Jesus you can’t make this stuff up, Matt Prater brings a Medieval sword to his Brisbane Church and swings it at the devil to cut off his head. Where does the metaphor end and the stupid begin?

  11. St Frances of Rome says:

    How I would have loved to have witnessed Tony Abbott with that same question.
    I would love to have seen, also, someone question Tony on his (and Joe Hockey’s) plan for the investigations into child molestation, paedophilia, in the Church. Joe Hockey, I believe, has already stated that he didn’t think the Commission was a good idea, that it would upset the victims. I actually thought that the victims requested the Commission. Thank God for Julia Gillard. I hope her good work continues…….suppose it has to, doesn’t it ? and I hope Tony, once he becomes PM, isn’t thinking of “going softly” on anyone, (like maybe George Pell) in the Catholic Church. Noooooooo, he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t have any interest in that sort of thing anyway, would he ?

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