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Thank God Taylor Swift Won’t Disrupt the Hottest 100’s Beautiful Picture of Diversity

Social Hottest 100 just posted their prediction for the outcome of Triple J’s Hottest 100. The site has tallied over 20,000 votes using things posted by Australians over social media, so it’s likely to be quite accurate.  Sadly, even after a nationwide conversation, #Tay4Hottest100’s Shake … Continue reading

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When You Were Young: Reflecting on Sam’s Town

For almost a decade I’ve been in an ongoing argument with various friends about the best Killers album. For most, the answer is instantaneous and easy: Hot Fuss. I have to admit then, that I have few allies in believing … Continue reading

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Fourteen Awful Decisions the Coalition Has Already Made in Government

For women: 1. Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a Cabinet that includes just one woman. One woman. For context, the previous Labor Government had six women in Cabinet, the last time Australia had only one female in Cabinet was 2001, … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the ALP and Bill Shorten

I’ve been a member of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) since I was 16. Before Kevin Rudd was leader and led the party to Government in 2007. Before Julia Gillard deposed him. Before the internecine war that followed his loss … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Accepting Wrecking Ball’s Brilliance

1. Shock & Denial Somewhere on Facebook a friend from high school who you haven’t talked to in years will link to the original Wrecking Ball film clip and proclaim music dead (RIP). You’ll watch the clip and be horrified … Continue reading

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The Problem With Hello Mr. Magazine

An image sticks out in my Facebook News Feed. The lead singer of one of my favourite bands – Grizzly Bear – looks at me from the cover of a new magazine for gay men: Hello Mr. Trumpeting itself self … Continue reading

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17 reasons not to vote Liberal on election day

Tony Abbott doesn’t deserve to be PM. Here are seventeen reasons why: 1. All the statistics show that the economy is doing well and everyone except the Coalition seems to know this, including Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz. It’s doing … Continue reading

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